not a recent photo, but describes the current state!

not a recent photo, but describes the current state!

Hey there readers:)

I just wanted to write to tell you what’s going on with me! I might have mentioned it in an earlier post, but I’ve been dealing with some MAJOR MS weakness over the past two months, a symptom of how my MS  reacts to the summer temperatures. Being away in jolly old England is helping, but not as much as I would like.

I was kind of hoping that the weakness I was experiencing was a result of maybe not eating enough, or enough protein (the boyfriend is a vegetarian and I am most of the time, too), but then two things happened that ONLY mean MS-weakness: my eyes and my hands stopped working properly. This post is taking me a LOT longer to write than normal, because I have to REALLY focus on hitting the right keys. Anyone who has been in a room with me while working knows this is terrible, as I have a ridiculously high WPM average with very few mistakes.

The good news is that NORMALLY, these things mean I’m going to relapse in about an hour. This has gone on for WEEKS now, so it’s just a symptom and WON’T turn into a relapse, which is awesome. I can still walk, albeit a bit poorly (there is a limp that is NOT gangster involved), and the stairs take far too long for my impatient American attitude.  I spent almost all day yesterday on a couch watching Sex and the City (awesome).

So no fitness challenges for me, not a lot of online stuff or writing, and a decent amount of sulking. I’m still here and thinking about things (like exactly how many spiders make it indoors in England, a post I will put on the personal blog), and will write more later. But for now, the house pants stay on and the running shoes will remain off. I hope you guys are enjoying the last of this summer weather, I am thoroughly looking forward to it cooling off so I can get off the couch!


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