Once in a while, we read some great articles about fitness. Believe me, we read a whole lot of articles, but not all of them are good, or tell us anything new, etc.

This article comes from The Week magazine, one of MY personal favorites. The article, How Much Should it Cost You to Work Out?, really touched on one of the things we are trying to do here at FF, which is work out and lead a healthy lifestyle without paying an arm and a leg. I like that the article also mentions cost-benefit analysis, as cheaper places are not as worthwhile if you NEVER go to them!

DSC_8571When my mother died back in ’04, one of the first things I did was to join a gym. This was before my MS diagnosis, and I was just coming off of recovering from an emergency surgery which left me unable to do contact sports (or even walk) for the first few months. A 3-year membership to a gym with a pool, showers and personal trainers which was conveniently located right across the street from work cost me about $2,000. I saw it as a bargain when you broke it down to months, and days, and believe me, I was there almost every day.

But when it was time to renew and I no longer lived or worked nearby and couldn’t make it to the gym more than 2x per week, it became LESS cost-effective and I went with a climbing gym (with a weight room and treadmills) attached, and it was better for me, as I had friends who went climbing with me.

Now that I am moving around a lot, considering where to live and what to do, it doesn’t make sense to have a membership to a gym. I was looking into the Bally’s chain (where I am a lifetime member) until I realized that there aren’t many anymore, and none in Europe, where I am currently sitting.

I won’t carry DVDs in my suitcase, as they are added weight. I won’t carry fitness tools or equipment past my clothes, shoes and interval timer. Now that I am mobile, all of my workouts are coming from the internet, are free, and are mostly body weight resistance (when I can do them, which I can’t right now), which is exactly the way I like it.

Have you thought about how much your fitness regime costs? Have you done the math? Right now I’m operating at negative cost, as my shoes are 2 years old and everything I have is at least a few months old as well. Do these ideas effect your decision-making when you have to make a choice? Most often, we look at the initial, base costs: startup fee, monthly fees, gas to and from a place, equipment, etc…

How much does it cost you to work out? We’d love to hear what you’re doing!


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  1. You know, that’s one of the main reasons I took up running and why I want to practice yoga. Once you have your sneakers and your mat, and you know basic form and poses, you can just go!

    Although, the part of me that wishes money were no object would still love to be a climber/skier/roller derby girl/snowboarder. They’re just too costly!

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