I was scrolling through our Pinterest boards today, and adding/deleting old pins from the Workouts We Will Try! board, and came across one of the workouts that, during the winter, I might consider to be too easy, or even a cop-out.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 14.40.58

we shall call this one, ‘do this 2x in the morning’.

This workout is one that I have tried off and on. It’s all body-resistance and isn’t timed. It’s sans equipment, which is perfect since I’m currently traveling and living out of a suitcase. It’s also perfectly easy to do in a small space, which is also something I find attractive, as I don’t have a lot of it.

The thought occurred to me yesterday that what I’ve been going through is NOT just my typical MS weakness. I realized the other day that, had it not been for the AC in DC/the US in general, I couldn’t have worked out and ran every day like I did. I would have been a fatigued puddle on the couch, wasting away and hating myself and probably making tons of bad, emotional eating decisions.

I realized that what I’ve been going through is what I like to call ‘the NON-relapse’. This is when my body is on the verge. Right on the edge. I’ve over-exerted myself, or it’s just too hot, or I’m not regularly taking my meds (all true in this case). When this happens, I am this close to not walking for a month. I realized this because I couldn’t bend my knees properly going down 4 flights of stairs, and was having issues focusing in an oddly-placed bathroom mirror. When I almost fall over trying to curl my effing hair, there’s a serious problem. So I’m going to stop calling this ‘summer weakness’ and instead call it ‘a NON-relapse’.

There are ways out of this.

The normal way is to sit my ass down for a few weeks and take it easy. I’m pretty sure I’ve been doing just that, and it’s not working.

The next way it to naturally ‘roid myself, by taking a cocktail of vitamins every morning that I’ve been (until now) a bit lazy with. So I will definitely start doing that, tomorrow morning.

The final way is to push my body into some kind of physical activity past the normal walking back and forth to the bathroom. This one has often pushed me INTO relapse, but as I’m already mostly there, why don’t we see if this counts as overexertion, shall we?

While I think yoga would be great, I am sans yoga mat and don’t feel like searching through my saved youtube videos to find one that is appropriate for my lack of balance at the moment. So doing some basic stuff like this workout will be a good start.

You may remember that I did one of these to ‘warm myself up’ for another workout last summer, and it worked. I’m only in the hot country I’m currently in for another week, before I get back to mild old England. So, for a week, I am going to attempt to do this little workout in the mornings and then shower to cool down. I think it’s an acceptable amount of time. If I can handle it after a week, we’ll keep going. If not, I can bypass things. I am pretty sure that at this point, I might not even be able to do 5 push ups once, but we’ll see. In the morning.

I’d like to say, as an aside, that these pinterest fitness routines are the ones that piss me off, because I am relatively certain that there is NO WAY at all that after doing this routine for a few weeks, I will end up having the body that the girl in the photo has. I hate thinspiration in all forms, as it instills a false idea of the outcome or unreasonably high goals/standards that most will never achieve. I think this is, honestly, a very unhealthy image. The only reasons I am choosing to do this workout are the reasons listed above, and not at all inspired by the image. FitFreedom works very hard to promote positive, healthy body image.

I’ll keep you posted about how the workout goes:) And I will make sure not to relapse:)


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