Long time no talk! There are a few reasons for that, but one of the major reasons was the sheer amount of traveling I’ve been doing. As you saw, last time I had just gotten back from canoeing with Alligators and friends in Florida. Since then, I’ve hit a few countries and am still going!

DSCN8225sI first made a stop in NYC to see some friends and family and do some running around. I promised my family I’d come up for another visit in July, since we couldn’t swim the last time I was there. It was a moral imperative that I went and hung out by the pool on the island. No problems there! I went into the city to see my friend Ivanny and eat a TON of really great food, thanks to Ivanny being a food snob. We also went to see a movie and lots of great art, as usual!

I hadn’t seen my friend in at least 5 years, so it was good to get together and catch up, esp since he was the one to tell me about a most excellent job with one of my favorite artists that I applied for a few months ago!


DSCN8299sThen, I flew in to England and saw some friends, and some scenery. I wanted to fly into LDN since it was the cheapest possible option, even WITH the train ticket I had to book. Because of when I was there, I helped a friend out by doing some volunteer work at a concert, and then got to go to the concert for free! It was called Gentlemen of the Road and was put on by Mumford and Sons, who I am not a huge fan of. But the Vaccines played and I got to hear some other good bands, so it was good!

Then I went into London to watch the National Lottery’s Anniversary race, which started and ended at the Olympic stadium. This was put on a year after the Olympics to celebrate the opening of the park for public use. I think something like 15,000 people ran the 10-mile race, but I was not one of them. I definitely got to sit in the Olympic stadium though, and that part was pretty awesome.

DSCN8620Then I took the train down to Belgium to visit my friends. I was told that the annual Gent Festival is NOT to be missed, and it happened to coincide with a friend’s birthday. So I swung in for a few days to say hi and celebrate, and managed to end up doing ALL of the cool, touristy stuff that I somehow managed to NEVER do before, in my 4 years of visiting my favorite Belgian city. I took a boat tour and saw the city, then we rented a boat and went down to other villages, rode a bike all over the city, saw some plays and live performances, and ate at a TON of great restaurants. Oh, and saw the Gent Festival, which I would admit might be one of the cooler, bigger things I have happened to take part in over here.

Then I left again for my next destination, a job interview! I’m going to keep my mouth shut about where and with whom, but I am happy to be considered for the job and will talk about it once it actually happens!

As you might have noticed, this was NOT a post about fitness, but rather an update of what I’ve been doing since the weigh-out last month. This is partially because a lot of fitness didn’t get to happen, but that is coming in my next post. For now, know that at least one of us isn’t dead and will be writing a lot, quite soon:)


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