dc60e75e801476767e408b3aabd35028I began the trial on June 2, and ended it today.

To recap: June 2:
Starting weight: 134.8 (we’ll call that 135, yes?)
bust: 84 cm
waist: 72 cm
hips: 104 cm
thigh: 61.5 cm

Final results: July 7:
Weight: 129.4 (we’ll call that 129)
bust: 85
waist: 66
hips: 101.5
thigh: 61.5

As we can see, I lost MORE than 1 lb every week, and thankfully my chest stopped shrinking. My waist came down about 1.5 inches, my hips 1 inch, and my thighs refuse to cooperate. For a month’s worth of running, I would say the results WERE actually as promised.

My questions from the beginning:

1- Will I actually lose a pound each week?
I managed to, even with a week off on vacation.

2- Will this be enough to lose weight if it’s the ONLY working out I do for a month?
This routine was all that I did for a month, minus a bit of extra walking in the beginning. There were no other workouts happening aside from running and walking around some cities for me!

3- At what point will I stop losing weight, if I do happen to lose any at all?
That one remains to be seen.

I’ve got a bit of an interesting situation coming up: I’m leaving my friends’ place and the treadmill to do a bit of traveling, and will have to take my runs outside. This means I’ll be getting up very early, or not running at all. Because of this, I might have to alter my workouts to be things I can do indoors, unless I manage to get some cooler days or a treadmill in-house. I had a warm shower this morning after my run and nearly fainted… so the heat is still an issue for me, and I won’t be pushing myself just to keep running.

But: My final result for this trial: it did actually work. Shockingly enough. I wasn’t expecting it to. 5lbs in a month is not as much as most people WANT to lose in that amount of time, but for me, it’s good to see that it works. I would really like to see exactly which weight I STOP losing at, but that might need to wait until I get to a cooler place. In the meantime I might try to do some ab work and indoor workouts. And keep an eye on the weight, to see what happens!


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