Where has the last two months gone??

You know what they say, “Time flies when you are having fun!”  Life has been crazy since school let out.  I’ve been chasing my tail wondering if life will ever slow down.  I made the decision to only put in half a vegetable garden this year only because I started a part-time job that requires a lot of attention and ‘volunteer’ work. I’m not going to lie I’m still adjusting to my new schedule. Then I put in an entire new flower bed that has been taking a lot of my attention as well.  However my flower beds I planted last year are beautiful and well worth the work and effort I put into them last year. I am excited for all the new things to come up next year 🙂


While GM has been traveling all over the place, we (my family & I ) decided that we wouldn’t be taking a DSC_2135family vacation this year. It’s just too much with all the home things that go on through the summer.  The boys (all 3) just finished up baseball season which has been great, Sammy really took off this year, I’m so proud of him.  We’ve finished 1 of 2 Vacation  Bible Schools & The Month long Library Reading Program. I started my 2 day a week part-time job that needs a lot more attention than 8 hours along with people visiting from our of state and all the family reunions/get togethers, fishing, swimming, etc., truly life is BUSY!!

DSC_1140 (2)

With that being said how do you make time to exercise??  In May I finished up the 2 routines that I set out to do, the Kiss-A** April (that I did in May) & the Crunch Challenge.   I really liked both of these and found myself pushing, maybe a little too much.  I did decide that breaking it up into increments was helpful once I got up to 100 or more. However,  later in the end of May I had to stop most of my leg exercise.  I very mildly hyper-extended my knee one day while I was running and it was pretty sore. I had to take it pretty easy for a few weeks &  that’s how I started June, fairly slow. UGH!! However, I made it through, I took it pretty easy, watched my food intake and slowly got back in the saddle.  I find that when I don’t have routines to do, my default is to run. It’s so nice getting up early before the kids and just sucking in some clean farm air. On the days it would rain I’d walk on the treadmill.  This was nice for the first weeks or so after I hurt my knee to help strengthen it slowly.  I’ve been fighting the allergies like crazy this year with all the rain & I’ve not been taking my medication at all. Last year I went off my allergy meds all together and was just taking vitamins and local honey & doing great.  This year I’ve been slacking in the department & honestly I can tell!!  June is also crazy baseball/picture season for me. I’m not going to lie, my exercise regiment took a back seat. Not completely forgotten as I worked out say every two days by either walk/run or just simple stretching or muscle toning. However, I didn’t give it the attention I have in the past.  I’m glad that it’s July and things are slowing down a little bit before soccer season starts in August.

Ironically, during this time my body craved activity and motion and I found myself running in the yard with the kids, looking forward to digging in the yard and weeding the garden, swimming at the pond. It was things that I needed to do and it increased my heart rate.  So all this time I’ve felt as though I’m not ‘exercising’ in a sense of regiment and routine, I’m still exercising and it showed as I went clothes shopping with my Mom & I didn’t buy anything that was bigger than an XL and no pants or shorts larger than L  🙂    This is where you realize, it’s all about how you feel vs. what’s written on the calendar. You can work-out and push your self all the time but how do you feel??  I know my limits, I know when I should/ shouldn’t splurge but it’s been a few years working towards this life style. It’s now becoming  my life rather than just a constant idea or thought. I automatically portion my food without thought. I automatically look to the better/healthier menu choices and I automatically go for tea or water in the convience store instead of soda.  I do however, still push myself harder than most. I still have the worst time saying no to people.  However, I feel great.  Sure there’s always a goal and something to work towards but I’m getting there. Remember “slow and steady wins the race.”

I finished my Inca Gold book, I’m on chapter 26 in The Story (which is moving along slowly with a week a chapter with my Sunday School teaching) and I started Last Flag Down. I’m still slowly making it through the chapters I’m not that far into it. I told my husband I really think my history is lacking to really understand this book but he encouraged me to just keep reading, perhaps eventually I’d figure it out.  LOL!!  Easy for him to say he’s such a history nut. My idea about reading a kids book to help encourage my son to read worked and am proud to say that my 7-year-old whom despised reading read his entire children’s bible cover to cover for the summer reading program & won top reader!! YAY!!

I do have all my cards scapped & mailed for July & all my cards but 3 for August 🙂  Thank you GM for the Hello fileKitty Pocket hanger, it’s helping me keep all those cards straight!!  I haven’t been writing too much, this new job has been keeping me on my toes and I’ve been doing lots of creating and writing for it.  I’m enjoying it even though it’s time-consuming. My job title is Events and Promotions Coordinator, right now I’m working on a pretty large event that partners with quite a few businesses in our church community with the mission to supply the kids in need with the much-needed school supplies and back packs for the coming school year. Needless to say it’s a pretty crazy busy job right now.

Things that I’ve learned:
 – Creativity is a must, I’ve been away from my scrapbooking/craft desk for too long… When life is busy it takes the furthest back seat and that is hard for me.  Trying to find a good mental healthy balance when you are going ‘mach 5 with your hair on fire’ all the time is so hard.  Although, June is that kind of month for me & it’s almost every year. Literally there wasn’t an open day in June ANYWHERE, I had stuff going on every day.

– I am 32 years old, this I admit is probably the hardest thing for me to learn.  I cannot stay up half the night editing photos sleep 3 hours and start hard at working or weeding the garden the next morning.  I cannot go hours without fluid as I find the older I get the quicker I dehydrate, we will leave that at ‘lesson learned’.  Also, repetitive motion for 4-6 hours (like digging) is hard on this body and sometimes causes bruising where I used to think I was invincible.  Getting old is for the birds!  Finding a physical balance with life and age is a must, know your limits or overdo it & spend days recouping… ugh.

– Don’t deny your body things that help it fight off things like allergies, in the long run your laziness is more harmful than helpful.  Back to my vitamins & honey.. ASAP!

Things I will be doing in the Coming Month:

– Still eating healthy but adding vitamins & natural honey & MORE WATER!

– I will be doing 2 exercises from the Pinterest board:
Flat Abs Fast & Wake-Up, Warm-Up
My hopes these are easy enough that I can incorporate them into the simple things I’m already doing so I can Bust But in JULY!!

– Finish reading The Story and make it through at least half of if not finish Last Flag down.

– Write something!! ANYTHING!!

– Work on the drawing I started a month ago.

– Scrap the last 3 cards I need to finish & get started on my 2010 book now that I have everything together and ready to get it done 🙂

– Finding my Balance, Which seems so very hard so much of the time!!

HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep up the great work Everyone!!



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