dc60e75e801476767e408b3aabd35028I realized that I’m past the 4-week mark with the trial, and that I could technically call this one ‘done’… That’s not going to happen, though, as I haven’t had a proper Sunday weigh-in in about two weeks, and I took 9 days off while on vacation in Florida.

I will say this: even WITH the 10 days off,  at my last random weigh-in that happened yesterday, this trial can be considered a success: I’ve lost 5.5 lbs in 4 weeks.

We’ll see the final results on Sunday at the final weigh-in, but I’m not stopping this trial, actually. The reason for this is because of the vacation: due to taking 9 days off, I can’t actually run 25 minutes without stopping. So until I get back to that point, I can’t continue with the C210k, as the week/day I’m on requires a 25 minute run.

photo-2In the past 5 days, I’ve been getting BACK into running. But whenever that happens after I’ve taken any amount of time off, my knees start to complain. So on the first day, I ran 10 minutes in two parts. The second day, 11 minutes before my knees had to stop. Day 3 saw 20 minutes in 3 sets, and today I did 22 minutes in two sets of 15 and 7, which is the best I’ve done since coming back. So I’m definitely getting better and losing the knee pain, but am still not up to 25 minutes straight.

The obnoxious downside to losing weight is that the less I weigh, the less calories I burn on the run. So today even though I ran for 22 minutes out of 36, I only burned 134 calories. That’s like half of the cheesecake I ate yesterday… if I’m lucky!!

I actually enjoy running every day, even though the schedule is about to change… again. I’m off for more traveling and am not always going to be near a treadmill (or a set of them), so my runs are about to move outdoors and I’ll most likely be running solo. Which is fine, but it might mean I have to wake up earlier. It’s been really, really easy to drag my ass across the hall to the gym that is on my floor, but I know it’ll be harder to drag myself outside and to watch the clock again.


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