But don’t worry, I fixed it!!

As I mentioned earlier, I was going to keep doing Week 7, Day 2 until I could get back to running 20 minutes in one go. The reason for this is that Day 3 is 25 minutes long, so if I want to get to that, I have to get over this hurdle first.

photo 2Today WAS that day, but I noticed something. Well, to be honest, it was more like I remembered something. Since I’ve done this day much more than once (let’s not forget I also did this program last year!), I remembered that little 3k Runner badge down there above the ‘complete’ button.

Now, this program is clearly labeled as the Couch to 10k program, and so the whole point of it is to be able to run that distance, that race. So at this point in the training, on this day, the participant should have probably managed to hit the 3k mark while out running.

I hadn’t really been paying attention to that, to tell you the truth, although you have read me mention my excitement of getting over the 2-mile mark, which is clearly farther than 3k (ftr: 1 mile = 1.6 kilometers), but that’s been happening on my 27-minute run days, and not on my C210k days.

photo 3I normally run using the ‘track’ image on the treadmill, as I still can’t make it around a full ‘5k’ image and because I ran track in high school. I hated running in circles, but as a sprinter, I never had to do that except in the warm-ups before training. Regardless, I can look at this image and know where I am on a course, and also how far I’ve gone.

For those of you who are NOT familiar with a track like this, one trip around is 400 meters. Most schools will make you do 4 for a mile-run. 4 x 400 = 1600 meters, which is 1.6 kilometers (as I said above). Each of those black lines marks another 100 meters (as a sprinter, I only ever ran 100, 200 or 400 meters in a race. EVER).

So today, at around minute 25, I realized that I was NOT going to make it to 3k in the allotted time. I’m just not running that fast yet! The workout was only 20 minutes of running, 5 minutes of walking on either side as warm up and cool down, so only 30 minutes in all. To hit the 3k mark, I would have to run around the track 7.5 times, which is where you can see I was about to be in this image, 1:32 AFTER I should have stopped, and after the C210k program already had.

But at minute 25, I thought that it would be silly to stop the workout if I hadn’t made it to the 3k mark, and then I wouldn’t deserve the 3k badge (even though I don’t exactly choose when to get it, this is set up by the program and I understand that. I used to do 5k’s in 32 minutes!). So since I had my boyfriend next to me who still had another 10 minutes to go, I decided I wouldn’t stop until I hit that 3k mark.

Let’s not get too proud of me, though: I walked it. I had been walking since minute 25, so it wasn’t exactly difficult going. But I didn’t think it would be right to stop the workout before I hit 3k! And I certainly wasn’t going to run MORE, since tomorrow is back to 27 minutes:)

photo 4In the end, I did a 43 minute workout, although I could have stopped at 31:30-ish and been ok. But the person next to me was still going and I don’t take that long to stretch, so a little extra walking didn’t kill me:) My c210k days have become the easy days in comparison to the 27-minute runs that come between them, but that is going to change after next week, when I am doing 28-minute+ workouts on the program.

I can’t wait to get my average pace and speed up… and not from walking less!


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