I know it’s been more than a week, but I just got back. I know, I know, Gina is on some kind of odd permanent vacation and is always technically here because of not working (although job hunting could be listed as a full-time job of its own;), but I just got back to where I am staying from Philadelphia, and sadly while I was there, I didn’t do my fitness challenge due to walking pretty much all day, every day, all over a city!

So here I am and I am going to update you on my challenge! Firstly, I am still not running 27 minutes straight through. On C210k, I’m doing 20-minute stints right now, so on the off days it has ended up being 10-10-7, or some variation of that. I’m hoping to hit 27 minutes straight through SOON, but am not going to push it!

06.07I’ve been taking photos of each day’s final results, and yesterday was the LONGEST it has taken me to do the full 27 minutes, thanks to a hurt knee. Normally I’m done by 36 minutes, but I really had to walk a lot more than normal. This is also the highest calorie loss I’ve seen, which is a bit annoying since I feel DEAD when I am done and I haven’t even burned off last night’s dessert, normally! If it hadn’t been an all-day affair, I would have run the pedometer for each day I was in Philly, but the battery would have been dead by 11:00 in the morning:)

As I mentioned above, I’m doing 10-10-7, with walks in between, and on my C210k days it’s up to 20-minutes running non-stop, about to be 25. So the 27-minutes total run feels like an off day, even if I am running MORE than on the C210k days.

Thanks to the loads of walking and NOT running this week, come Sunday we might not see any changes. But after the first week of running, I DID see some changes: in my weight and in my waist, there was a change: 1/2 pound off the weight (which officially puts me down to 134) and an inch off the waist, from 72 cm down to 69 cm. I’ll take both of those as progress. And making it harder to buy jeans that fit both my ass and my waist… but whatever.

In my mind, I’d like to see the NOT running a full 27 minutes per day (on C210k days) as the reason I only lost 1/2 lb in the first week, and try NOT to think that doing it every day ‘doesn’t work’. We’ll see if there is any more progress after a few more weeks, when I am up to running 27 minutes or more with the other training program.

I will still take my measurements on Sunday and pay attention, but I am not expecting to see any changes. The next few weeks will be odd, since I will be away (again, what is my problem??) and not near a treadmill… we’ll see if I can peel my ass out of bed early enough to run before the heat gets terrible. If not, expect LOTS of walking updates:)


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