dc60e75e801476767e408b3aabd35028I got up and ran this morning, which was planned to begin with, however, today is officially my first day of the new fitness challenge. I’ll be running 27 minutes each day, to test this theory to the left: can I lose one pound each week while doing this?

There are  a lot of questions for this trial, which I guess I’ll be answering each week:

1- Will I actually lose a pound each week?

2- Will this be enough to lose weight if it’s the ONLY working out I do for a month?

3- At what point will I stop losing weight, if I do happen to lose any at all?

This trial came up because I was talking to my friend Jeanan the other day, and she mentioned that she was running for 30 minutes a day, and at the end of two weeks she was already up to a 5k. I’ve been running every other day for 3-4 weeks pretty non-stop, and I am still not up to a 5k in 30 minutes. So her saying that piqued my interest and reminded me of this challenge, pinned to our Workouts we will try board. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been a bit lax on choosing other workouts to do on my off days, so I figured it would be a good time to see if running every day would be enough of a workout for me. My body normally responds best to a mix of heavy cardio and some strength work, so it’ll be interesting to see what JUST cardio does to me.

As this is the start of a new trial, I took my weight and measurements to see what I was working with:
Starting weight: 134.8 (we’ll call that 135, yes?)
bust: 84 cm
waist: 72 cm
hips: 104 cm
thigh: 61.5 cm

I’ll get those into inches when I get around to it:)
Today’s run was Week 6, Day 2 of C210K again, as I did it pretty poorly last time I ran, just after being sick. I did better today and made it over 2 miles, thankfully, but at 33 minutes, I still didn’t make it to 5k. So we’ll keep that in mind, too. Tomorrow is my first day of just running for just 27 minutes, if I can even make it that long. Today I ran for 10 minutes on, 3 off and my knee was starting to bother me. So I’ll go for as long as I can and hope I can make it for 27 minutes:)

So that’s where I’ve started:) I won’t be updating about running EVERY day, but I’ll  be taking my measurements once a week and discussing how it’s going, if I get better and faster and when I finally make it to a 5k. In the meantime, I have a few other things to discuss, which will be coming in between those posts:) See you soon!


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