I’ve been having trouble figuring out what to do with my off days at the gym, now that I have one across the hall from me and am back on track with the C210k program. I’ll admit, I’ve been meaning to look into some HIIT workouts, since I know how well they work for me, but right now I’ve just been really enjoying the cardio. That’s what made me realize what I should be trying.

dc60e75e801476767e408b3aabd35028 A few months ago, one of us pinned this to our ‘workouts we will try’ board on Pinterest. As I’m already up to about 30+ minutes on my C210k days, to run for 27 minutes on my off days won’t kill me. In fact, I think it will help to get me back in some kind of shape a lot faster. If I happen to lose some weight in the process, ok then!

I will rest once a week. Promise. And I might vary it up and do the elliptical some days, if my knees are bothering me. But I just wanted to let you know that this is what I’ll be trying next:)

If it gets to the point that I’m bored again, I’ll add a workout on top of these. The 100 pushups is still looking good, as I’ve never managed to finish it…

For this challenge I’ll just be looking at weight. I’ve always said that I think 130 is my body’s ‘happy weight’, and as of right now I’m sitting at 135. I’ll take measurements tomorrow morning, but for now, we’re at 135. Let’s see where I am in two weeks, shall we?

Wish me luck! I really appreciate having a treadmill indoors in the AC:)


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