Yesterday was my first day back to working out after a three-day hiatus, thanks to a cold brought on by extreme weather change (or too much AC indoors, I think!). So this morning was my second day back on, and I still wanted to take it slow while getting back into things. I opted for an elliptical instead of a run, since I’m on an ‘off’ day for C210k.

I still haven’t gotten around to choosing an off-day workout, so I was kind of on my own. I knew I didn’t want to run or walk on the treadmill, so I decided the elliptical would be my best option, since it is low-stress on the knees and I was feeling some knee pain yesterday. I jumped on, remembering how much I used to LOVE doing the elliptical workouts when I was back at Bally’s.

5 minutes in, I was bored out of my mind! I know it’s partially to do with the TV stations that were available to me and my own poor planning (I haven’t been bringing the iPhone with me on off days)… but I had to do something. My first move was to tell myself I had to make it to AT LEAST the 15-minute mark. I rationalized that since this was an ‘off day’, I could get away with 15 minutes of cardio.

photo 3But then at 15 minutes, I was actually interested in what was being covered on the news, so I kept going. Also, I figured out how to get my calories burned showing on the screen, and was pissed to see it was only at 50 calories. 

At that point I told myself I HAD to make it to 100 calories burned before I got off the machine. That got me to about 25 minutes. By then, I realized that my boyfriend only had about 15 minutes left on his run on the treadmill in front of me, so I didn’t want to end before him. My heart rate monitor was showing 145, and I thought that I should AT LEAST get my calories burned count up above my heart rate. So that pushed me on until about 35 minutes, or something close to that. There was a funny point around 150 where my heart rate and my calorie count kept on going up at the same time, and it was amusing to watch my heart rate speed up as I sped up to catch the number on the calories side.  Then there was a brief moment when my heart rate dropped, and then the calorie count kept going up as the heart rate went down… it was smooth sailing then, and I stopped at the 40 minute mark, far above my heart rate. Which was excellent.

That was what I had to do to get myself through an otherwise boring workout today, while still being just a little bit sick… I had to play mental games with myself to keep going. Tomorrow I am running again, so there won’t be games to play. But on the off days, I need to keep myself occupied and motivated. I know I’m not the only one this happens to, so what’s your trick to keep yourself going?


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