an appropriate photo of my reflection in an airplane tv monitor, since I spent almost more time in the air in the past month than I did on the ground…

I just realized it’s been a MONTH since my last post, and that is FAR too long. I have so many posts that I’m working on right now and they are coming soon, but I’ve been running (not literally, figuratively) non-stop for the past month!!

I only recently landed in what can be considered (for now) my ‘final destination’: Virginia. I’m about 15 minutes from Michelle, and am totally planning to get over to see her just as soon as I have the energy! In the past month, though, I was in England, NYC, Baltimore AND DC., and now I’m just on the other side of the city. Today I walked all over the National Zoo, which was awesome (and the reason I am on my ass right now, rather than running)!

I’ve got a lot of posts coming in the next few days: as you know, Kamay is transitioning BACK to running outside, and meanwhile, I’m transitioning into NOT running outside. So there’s a post about that coming soon, and a related discussion about apartment/house hunting (although, to be fair, I never plan to own a home… so it might not be relevant to some of our readers!), running with people who are FAR faster than you, heat sensitivity, training while traveling, and why EXACTLY I might never, ever do the Insanity workout program. It’s all coming, I just need to find the hours in the day to finish fine-tuning all of the posts!

For now, know I’m still alive and NOT dead yet (although this mid-Atlantic heat is killing me), and totally still working out and doing things! I’m also FINALLY unpacked somewhere, which is nothing short of a massive relief. Now to hunt jobs, see some sculptures, get to Michelle’s house, spend some MUCH-needed time with friends, and get a hair cut.

More tomorrow!!


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