DSC_8036I felt the need to update 😉

Since it had been over a month since I last told you what I had been up to.  Mother nature has been indecisive about spring/summer arriving… so it’s been rather dull waiting for the energy I love getting from the sun.  Spring/summer always means two things for me, lots of sun and usually overdoing it! I took a week off after the March 30-Day challenge, I needed to rest I was pushing hard. Plus, if I rest I feel like I will start again pretty hard.  I still watch my diet during these times and I still exercise but not on a set schedule.

In the weeks during April, I have been walking mostly indoors and doing stretching and little ab & arm work, nothing too crazy.  April 29th I started a new regiment of some things I found on Facebook which I added to our Pinterest board of ‘work-outs we are trying’. One is a ‘crunch’ work out, I’m through the 1st week and I have enjoyed it so far, I can really feel the burn. I have changed it around some to fit with the other routine that I’m doing for this month. The crunch work-out is 3 days on and 1 day rest and the other work-out is 6 days on and 1 day rest so I’ve skipped a rest with the crunch work-out in the middle of the week and have only rested 1 day. Which seems to be falling on Friday or Sunday.

The other work-out a Facebook friend posted off a website that’s for April but since I didn’t find it till the end of April decided to do it for May instead. Each day you do: squats, timed burpees, a timed wall-sit & I added push-ups, increments the same as the squats. So day one I did 10 push-ups, 10 squats, 30 seconds of burpees and a 15 second wall-sit. This too can be found on the Pinterest board, link above.

I have decided to continue to walk/jog 3 days a week & still doing the cardio dancing with the Wii 2-3 days a week. I wasn’t sure I’d love it as much as I do but it’s fun & it’s different every time. There’s not thought to it, you turn it on and it goes through routines and you just follow the motions, I really enjoy it & it’s a great work-out.

0427131423aWhat else have I been doing?? Well, mother nature has some-what decided she’d lay off with the chilly weather so I’ve been doing the things I love outdoors… playing in the dirt, hiking in the woods.   It’s mushroom season here & it’s all in the find! You could hike for hours looking for these little things but when you find them, it’s the excitement of what’s for supper!! The morel mushroom is a delicacy of the mid-west, battered and fried, with ‘roon gravy it really goes back to the ‘living off the land’ concept. So we’ve been hiking, hiking and hiking some more. As well as I have been mowing grass, weeding my flower beds and spending time in the sun with the kids. Trust me I have the sunburn to prove it!

Reading has been going ok I’m still reading the same books, I’ve been getting to bed some-what early as my farmer needs to be at work early and if I want to run, 5:30am it is, not exactly what I like but it works.  I haven’t done much writing other than letters to friends & family; which in a way is still writing, I mailed 5 in the last 2 weeks. I finished scrapbooking 2009 & have started organizing and getting 2010 ready to scrapbook, I’m moving right along. I got all my cards made & mailed for May and only have 9 more to make to be done through July. Which I hope to get done this week. I’m patiently waiting on some things I ordered to come before I can get into full swing with 2010, so cards it is!!

Diet is going pretty well. I find myself eating more salad & veggies through the summer months, I turn into this ‘rabbit’ of sorts. The 2-3 hour eating schedule has begun to be difficult with being outdoors but I’m trying to set alarms on my phone and carrying bottles of water with me to stay hydrated. Although I find that I’ve been doing it so long that my body tends to alert me when it’s time to eat, which is nice. Trying to stay away from the ‘fried’ food, except for the mushrooms. Come on, it’s 1 time a year, if you find any so! give me a break, everything in moderation. The soda drinking has been at all time low, I find myself reaching for anything but it. However, I do from time to time drink some. Although every time I do it’s so alarmingly sweet that I find it’s just too much, I just don’t have the taste for it like I did.

0501131559I’m really looking forward to getting this ‘summer’ underway – we have so much planned, baseball, soccer, fishing, swimming, some day trips and the weather will be perfect for all things outdoors!! Which if you haven’t realized by now, is where my kids and I like to be.



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