4x6 pics 4 GGK (18)Well, Mother nature can’t make up her  mind & I’m afraid I’ve lost all faith in the people whom boast Global Warming, it sure doesn’t feel like it here. It’s warm and sunny one day and pouring rain and bitter cold the next… sometimes even in the same day. Let me give you a big’ole mid-west Welcome; I suppose the only place you can use your heat and air conditioning on in the same day.
This unfortunate internal fight going on with Mother Nature has really dwindled my desire to be outside exercising.  All the dreary rainy weather makes me want to curl up in a ball and read a good book or take a nap. I feel like a cat that stands, stretches looks out the window and lays back down.

On the days that it’s warm and sunny I am out and about, I have already started pulling weeds and planting a few things. My body feels the strain of the new task, especially in my arms and though my back. Not a bad feeling, just the typical strain of a good work-out.  I look forward to more days of this when the weather starts cooperating in my favor… I’m not holding my breath.

I took a short break after the March 30-Day Challenge.  I was going pretty strong and had gotten a mild head cold with changing weather and didn’t want to push it into something worse.  I spent time playing with the kids and working in the yard a few days. Plus it was Easter break and I spent time with family and friends gearing up for good food and special events.  The amount of candy & snacks my kids acquire this time of year is just ridiculous. Thankfully, most of its chocolate and I shy away from it.

I picked up shortly after Easter and have been just either doing short ab/arm circuit with 20 reps each 3x or doing my Wii Sweat routine.  I have been on the tread mill a few times but I’ve really been getting away from it mostly because I just want to be outside.

My reading is still the same, life has been rather busy with new ‘outside’ work to be done, so I’m still reading Inca Gold and The Story and my friend’s daughter (whom is 8) dropped off a little chapter book loosely on the Titanic, called Dangerous Waters by Gregory Mone, that I told her I wanted to read & I’ve started it as well. I’m not above reading a children’s book, I have hopes that it will encourage my sons to read.

I have gotten my April cards done and will be mailing the last of them this week. I’ve not written much since my last post but I’m hoping with summer fastly approaching I will find some inspiration. I’ve scrapped about 15 pages since the last time I wrote and have papers and embellishments set out for the next 35 pages, so hopefully they will go fast.

Basketball season has come to a close and just in time for baseball to start, along with all the summer activities: summer reading program, vacation bible schools, baseball, cub scouts, soccer, cook-outs, fishing & swimming trips to the ‘R’ lake, trips to the park, LOTS of motorcycle rides & there’s 4 wedding invitations hanging on the fridge 😀

Time to get busy!!

I will be trying some new things on our Pinterest board in the coming weeks. Will blog about this soon!


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