DSC_9295What’s the skinny on this ‘Big-Boned’ business anyway??  Is it a myth is it truth?!  The internet has MANY, many opposing views on the subject. Some say yes, you can have big bones and some say it is a myth. While some boast that you really can have larger bones, based on wrist size per height etc., others veto saying it doesn’t matter how large your bones are, your weight is based on your height.  Others say that you should test your body fat or your muscle density & have all these gadgets and such to do so.

Here’s some truth that will help you decide where you stand:

* Every person has an average of 206 bones.  Some can have more ribs than another (we Christians thank God’s design of Eve for that), we can have different numbering bones in the hand and feet & modern surgery can play a factor in this as well, by taking or replacing bones.

* Every person has differing bone density. We know of this based on woman over 65 being susceptible to osteoporosis. Bone density can be increased when there is a constant stress on a bone, so most people who are ‘overweight’ according to the BMI chart don’t usually run the risk of osteoporosis because of the constant strain on their bones.

*Bones make up an average of 10-15% of your weight. While you have different heights and shapes (nationality included in this thought) your overall bone structure only accounts for 10-15% of your total body weight.

* Being “big-boned” or having a higher density will not allow for 20-25 lb weight swing in your favor on any body chart or scale… even if we’d like it to.

* Most Body Mass charts take into account your height, i.e. bone structure.

Here’s what I’ve decided after reading & reading and reading some more… Yes, you can have larger bones. Yes, you can also have higher bone density which in turn could possibly make your weight ‘higher’ however, there’s also the same scenario with fat vs. muscle & truly none of it seems worthy of the 10-15 slide on the BMI scale let alone a 20-25lb slide.

Overall… whether you are ‘big-boned’, tall/short or you have fat/muscle, you are wide hipped or have chicken legs, your bones only take up (density included) on average 15% of your weight. I’m no big fan of the BMI chart – we disagree often. However, at 158 lbs & almost 5’3″, I fall into the ‘overweight’ category for my height… What do I think about that?? I think I look darn good for almost 32 yrs old & having 3 kids. I’m not in the very best shape but I watch what I eat and I try to exercise daily & I have goals that are not out of reach.

My point: Stop worrying about what others think, say or feel &
                              concentrate on how YOU think & feel.


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