Hi guys, I’m giving you a short update before I give you MANY posts in the coming week: I am currently in Japan for my martial arts seminar (which I wrote about last year).

P1000325sBut before I get into Japan and the things I’m doing here (riding mechanical pandas??), I want to tell you about what happened/was happening just before I left on Friday. As you might recall, in week 3 of our 30 day challenge, I somehow threw my back out. After much discussion and debate, it was decided that the kettle bell workout with Stephanie was NOT to blame for this issue, but maybe wasn’t the best idea to try after my specific level of non-activity. Either way, definitely don’t be afraid to try those workouts and don’t be intimidated! But DO start slow.

I was just about recovered by the time I boarded a plane to Japan, although I did spend almost all of the time before my flight in bed, and not doing much of anything. This was a great thing for my back and helped my recovery, but wasn’t the best way to go into what I am doing this week, which is ultimately spending a week with the top-ranked women in the world in my martial art and our sensei over here in Japan, being general badasses and swinging VERY large weapons (look up ‘Naginata’ if you want to know, which I am pretty mugh an absolute beginner in!).

So now I’m here and am back to a schedule of riding a bike at least 2 miles, 2 hours of training, and eating well EVERY DAY. Which is awesome, even if I just came off of a few months of sporadic training. Sometimes life just gets in the way or we need to take a break, in my case, both were issues.

I will say this: my current condition is the MOST unprepared for this seminar that I have ever been. And that was due to the past 9 months, and I understand and accept that. But I want to discuss this quickly before getting on with the normal posts:

I officially had surgery in July and was then on recovery at the time of year which was most difficult for me to train, due to the heat and lack of AC issues in Germany. Then my ex and I broke up and I was not inclined to train in the same space with him, for both of our sakes. In the meantime, I planned a move back to the states and worked my ass off, and celebrated holidays. The most exercise I got was walking and climbing stairs, and that was not enough. Because of this, I devised the 30-day March challenge, which (although it got me doing SOMETHING) was nowhere NEAR the level of fitness I personally require.

The March challenge was great to get me back up and moving, but as you read a few weeks ago, I realized just how out of shape I was at the climbing gym in Baltimore. Which is to say, SEVERELY. Instead of doing small amounts of fitness, I should have been doing my normal running and push ups routine. And I know that now. And after the things that have happened in the past two days, I intend to do better. Which we can talk about later. But for now, and at this point in time, let’s settle with ‘needed a break to get her life back together’, and move on. I am here and doing a serious workout for the next 6 days, and from there, we’ll see what I can get myself into. But I know now what needs to be done, and now I have a place to move from.

When I think back to the condition I came here in LAST year, I am mad at myself. But I know that life happens, and I needed to handle some things, and now, well, let’s just go!!

So. More from me tomorrow!!! I have so much to tell you ALREADY! Happy training, see you soon!! ❤


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