Project01Is it week 4 ALREADY?!?! Where on earth does the time go?? It’s like watching my children grow up.. can’t believe my little baby is going to be three this year & possibly started pre-school in september… YIKES!

My life has been the usual list of crazy business… although no moving like GM (so HAPPY she’s back ‘near’ us)… I had Tuesday night family night at school, Wednesday I worked the book fair at school & at night was basketball practice and bowling, Thursday night was boy scouts pack meeting & Friday night grocery shopping and supper with my family, Saturday was Town Easter Egg hunt & 2 basketball games, Sunday was Palm Sunday, little shopping, dying Easter eggs and supper with friends and meeting with some friends to kick off the week-long celebration of the life of Christ before Easter…. BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!

With regard to how busy I was I decided to not treadmill train this week, I’ve really liked the Wii Just Sweat on my Just Dance game and I decided to take a break from the treadmill and just dance everyday, along with my regular 30-Day Challenge routines. It worked out great, I really enjoy the music and the movements, it really works the entire body.  I’m still at about a 30 minute work-out and I am usually sweating like crazy when I’m done.  Best part is though, it’s fun!

Week 4, Day 1: Was hard to say the least, 25 push-ups?? Let alone 3x… who are they kidding?! Let alone 45 burpees… killer Monday but I took it slow and broke down the numbers as needed and paid good attention to my form. I’m still aggravated with myself, I’m only able to do about a 45 sec. plank… I’m slowly improving but this will be something I need to work on.

Week 4, Day 2: I am not going to lie about this I actually did Day 4 on this day which was a complete accident…as in I just looked at the wrong side of my page when I was working out. So the true Day 2 I did on Day 4 – both were good ab work-outs though. So, on Day 4 when I did Day 2’s work-out I thought it was a good work-out although some of the exercises while she gave them other names where similar to the same movements we had been doing in other routines, like the kayaker is very similar to the Russian Twist & so on. It was a decent work-out but I really felt it almost impossible to be balanced on my back side for that long… maybe it’s just me but I had to take few second breaks to keep my rear from falling asleep… Maybe it’s just because my but is large?! I have no idea.

Week 4, Day 3: On this particular day my Facebook status stated: “Apparently I’m exercising with the dogs today…1 minute Downward facing Dog & 20 Bird dogs…. If I was a dog, I’d be curled up in a warm spot by a window watching the birds… just saying :P”  – other than that all I’m going to say is ‘100 Russian Twists’… do I really need to say anything more??

Week 4, Day 4: I actually did this on Day 2 however, I found that carpeted or at least a nice mat is a must for this exercise. I didn’t really have either and I could feel the impact on my upper back and shoulders while I was doing this work-out. I will also note make sure that you are doing these properly and not straining your neck muscles. Just like with abs it’s easy to strain elsewhere so take your time and pay attention to form & make sure you are on a stud because I’d imagine it’d be way easy to put your foot through drywall if you weren’t on a stud.

Week 4, Day 5: Can I just say that I’m falling in love with any way to do crunches not traditionally so I’m all about the bicycle crunches 🙂  This was a pretty easy work-out and I enjoyed the stretching which I really don’t think I do enough of.

Week 4, Day 6: I passed the 40 second plank but the plank position Tummy Tucks?! Who are they trying to kill?!?!  LOL!! They are HARD, however different and I do like variety, works the abs great. I don’t have weights so I used my sand bag to do my bicep curls & it worked pretty well. A good place to end the 30-Day Challenge.

After 30 Days I feel great, I can tell my muscles are building and my attention to eating habits has been obvious as I have trimmed down a little.  I wouldn’t mind doing this again or something similar with some of the  other work-outs we have on our pinterest board.

My diet has been about the same, it’s been hard I’m not going to lie with the holiday (Easter) here, it’s hard to shy away from the candy… I’ve been trying!! I don’t want the last 30 days to be a lost cause… that’s what I keep telling myself. Trying to stay on a 2-3 hour eating schedule and running all over creation is hard,I keep granola bars in my bag in the car just in case. The other thing I struggle with is drinking enough water while on the run. This is something I need to get better about. Soda… is not bothering me at all… YAY!!

I’m still reading Inca Gold & The Story, they are both going pretty well. I managed to scrap 7 pages this week, much less than last week but I was much busier. I have April cards to scrap & more writing to do. After the Easter holiday & Basketball ends (same weekend) I might be able to get back to more of the scrapping and writing, no fear I’m doing really well!!

Onto a new Week… a busy week, HAPPY EASTER!!


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