I may have thrown my back out. I’ve been laid up since Wednesday. This post was not supposed to end like this. So let me start from the excellent beginning, which was Monday.

On Sunday or maybe Saturday, Steph told me about her kettle bell classes that she takes at the local athletic club. She also mentioned that first timers get to go for free, and that she would go on Monday. I was all in, and super excited about it! Kettle bells have been a bit of a fitness craze over in Europe for some time now, so for there to be a class, led by a woman, that was for beginners that I could take, was an excellent thing! I said yes without even thinking about it.

So on Monday, Steph and I went to the beginner’s Kettle Bell class (taught by April of Reshape with Ape), and it. was. awesome.

at the BAAC with Steph!A few things I didn’t know about the training: one, there are different types or ways to train. I managed to pick up the word ‘Russian’ in there somewhere, which leads me to believe that there are other styles, named for other countries. I am not exactly sure if what we were doing was considered ‘Russian’ training or not, I’m just saying there are different types. I can tell you this: you don’t use your arms much, most of the moves in this class were hips and behind-focused. I didn’t feel like I was doing a lot of heavy lifting, although I was lifting a relatively heavy weight.

Two: we were not in a studio, but rather a section of the weight-lifting area of the gym, in plain view of everyone. This doesn’t bother me as I am a known exhibitionist, but it might scare away some new people who prefer to try things first in the comfort of a closed studio.

Three: 30 minutes, for a beginner, is really a LONG TIME. Wow, I wasn’t expecting to sweat so much. Because it’s me, that could have been thanks to the sheer volume of bodies in the room, as I tend to heat up quickly compared to other people, and heaters. I was really watching the clock by the time we got to minute 20, and that’s not something I do too often. So this was a serious workout, all things considered.

SAMSUNGIn this type of training, especially when we are moving heavy weights with our hips, there is a focus on the lower back. We really need to pay attention to what we feel, where, and if your back starts to hurt at any time during this training, you need to stop and discuss with the trainer. I was, of course, paying attention to my form as I happen to have major issues with my lower back, and although I made a few mistakes right in the beginning, I felt pretty good about my form once I dropped to a lower weight and got my hips working. I didn’t notice any issues after that.

I did, however, feel the burn in my MUSCLES, which is acceptable for a workout! No problems there:) On Tuesday, though, the burn was apparently too much, and I was really almost too sore to walk. I was NOT HAPPY with the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), as it was a reminder to me that although I HAD been working out for two weeks straight, none of that had been as good a workout for me, personally, as the kettle bells had. I already mentioned to you last week that I felt I wasn’t doing ‘enough’ for me, and this reminded me of that again. Also, my lower back was slightly pissed off at me and complaining, quietly. I decided to make Tuesday my ‘off’ day for the week, and didn’t do much.

Wednesday involved a trip to Philadelphia and walking around a lot, so I got the required amount of walking in. My back wasn’t bothering me on Wednesday, and the soreness had abated, so all was ok with the world. I don’t know WHAT the hell I did to myself on Wednesday night sleep-wise, but I really couldn’t get comfortable and my back was bothering me again. Because I hadn’t really slept at all that night or on Monday night, Thursday was literally spent sleeping almost all day (I was really, really out) and I couldn’t do much of anything.

On Friday, I was up again, but feeling like crap, and my back was back to bothering me. I actually managed to finally do a workout, (week 3, Day 1). I have to say here that all of the sit ups and crunches felt terrible, and I probably shouldn’t have done them, knowing the effect they tend to have on me. But I was so mad at myself for not having done any real workouts for a few days, that I did it straight through. I really regretted this on Saturday.

On Saturday I was moving things in and out of boxes. There was a lot of heavy lifting and bending over, and I shouldn’t have done that. I counted all of this as a workout due to the sheer amount of stairs I climbed AND the up/down I was constantly doing for a few hours. I slept like a baby, but realized in the middle of the night while trying to turn over that my back was seriously, seriously, out. Not herniated, because when that happens, I can’t walk. But there’s definitely a pinch in there somewhere, or a pull, or something, and it’s just to the right of my spine on the lower end above my pelvic bone. I could pinpoint it, as usual. It was, and still mostly is, very painful to do anything.

This meant I spent all day Sunday in bed, and on the floor trying to stretch. I also had visitors pull my arms and legs for me, as that has often helped to alleviate the pain whenever I’ve had it before. Then I took a warm bath, which helped for a few hours.

I have no idea what this means for the 30-Day Challenge. I know it means I am done with everything until my back stops hurting, and I can get up unassisted. I’m on bed-rest (or couch-rest:) until this clears itself up. And today it feels less excruciating, so there is definitely progress being made. I just have to take it easy now. So if I manage to end the month with back pain rather than 4 weeks of continuous work outs, I will keep doing the workouts in April. But for now I have to tap out and say what’s going on, and get better.

Oh my goodness, I hate back pain. And I don’t miss it. I stopped doing crunches for a reason, and now I remember!!

Updates from the couch from me, as the news breaks:) Sorry to have pushed too hard.


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  1. countrykay says:

    UGH!! Excited you and Steph got to do the kettleball work-out but bummed you are having back trouble :/ Hope you feel better soon!

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