Hey there everyone! I know I’m a little late in getting to you about my workouts, and I’m sorry about that. It’s been a hell of a week. Or two.

On Wednesday (last week) I flew from Germany to Philadelphia, then took the train with a friend down to Baltimore. So there was no workout for Wednesday, and I knew that was going to happen. This meant that I got to either do one workout, or double up on Thursday.

But Thursday was special, because I was actually at Steph’s condo, staying with her. It should be mentioned that the last time I saw Steph, it was when she and her boyfriend came to visit me in Germany during the summer of 2011. So that was a BFD, as we like to say. It is SO excellent to get to stay with her at her place after so long!!

So after a long sleep and arguing with myself on her couch while watching a stimulating series called ‘the Dead Files’ (wow, such shows exist and I am already hooked) about whether or not to get up and do the workouts while still dealing with jet lag (which somehow managed to last through the week and into this one), I finally got up and did the damn things.

Day 2’s workout was actually really hardcore, and I really enjoyed it. I will totally do it again when I’m feeling the need to knock something out quickly. It was a good abs workout and overall I think I did all of the moves correctly, although I did have some issues with my form in the dips one.

A note about Steph’s condo: that woman has a GD ARSENAL of at-home fitness equipment. I’m not talking about a universal in the middle of the living room or anything, but I AM talking about a bench and lots of  hand weights, not to mention 2 yoga mats: my old one (was wondering who ended up with that just the other day, I wonder if she’ll let me take it back? Oh wait, my new one from Germany is on its way here in a container…then I’D be stuck with two!!)  and her orange one. She has kettle bells (or maybe one, I have to go check again) and even a damn pull up bar. Oh, and some of those resistance bands.

What was equally hysterical is that for the entire first 24 hours, I think she mentioned at least 5 times that I was welcome to use her ‘frankenbinder’ (will explain in a second) if I needed any workouts, even though she knew I had to follow the pinterest board. The funniness of this thing grew exponentially when I realized that the link to fitness mag to do Day 2’s workout was being stupid and not working for me, and then I looked at her coffee table in the living room and there, on the top of a bunch of torn out pages from magazines, was the fitness workout I was trying to do. Saved by the frankenbinder? Indeed.

(The Frankenbinder is something that both Steph and I do: tear out the good looking workouts and recipes from magazines and save them in sheet protectors in a big effing binder for later use. Don’t act like you haven’t done this, too!)

So after doing the Day 2 workout, Day 3 came quickly behind it, and you know what? 90 jumping jacks is BS. I broke that shit into sets of 3 just to not get bored. In regards to day 3, I’ll say this: I did regular push ups and not inclines, the bird dogs were NOT cool, and I still kick ass at crunches of all kinds, which makes me happy, although I try not to do them because they hurt my back.

I was back into the swing of things for Day 4 on Friday, and did it with little-to-no concern about the techniques. I really loved this workout, too, and am going to save it for later days as well!! I actually used some of Steph’s weights to do some of these, just to add to it. It was really, really good, and I ended it thinking I should go through the whole thing one more time, but decided against it because I had too much to do (which ended up being the case for everything through Wednesday).

DSCN5890sDay 5 and 6 didn’t happen because instead of them, rock climbing and 90 minutes of Budo did!! On Sunday, we doubled up and went to the climbing gym, which I have to say was a fail (for me) of epic proportions.

Let me tell you about this: when I left Baltimore back in 09, I was climbing a solid 5.8 and bouldering at a V3/V4. Which was badass for only having been doing it about a year. Then I got to Germany and had access to an excellent, new climbing gym, and barely ever went climbing. At least, not much in the past 2 years, as I didn’t have many climbing partners to go with me. So we went climbing on Sunday and I got the surprise of a lifetime: I can now barely make it up a 5.4, which is BEGINNER LEVEL. My arm strength is SERIOUSLY lacking, and my balance issues have gotten WAY worse. Clearly, some focus on this specific thing is in order, and I intend to start pretty immediately (let’s say next week, as part of week 4) back up with at least the 100 push ups challenge.

DSCN5889sOn the upside, Steph has turned into an all-around BADASS since I’ve been gone and is now comfortably climbing at 5.9/5.10. Which is totally bragable, and definitely the kind of motivation I need to get back into things. We’ve decided to go climbing more once I’m settled in and maybe after my balance and eye issues (I’ve been having optic neuritis symptoms for MONTHS now) have settled down. And in the meantime, I’ll be doing push ups, as I mentioned above.

After climbing (or me not climbing and just belaying Steph), we hit a really nice coffee shop just down the road, and then got back in time for me to change, pack some clothes, and then hang out with a friend before my dad picked me up to go back down to another part of the city for Budo.

2013-03-17_17-33-50_156I have been out of Budo training since at least June, due to the heat, and then in July I had an operation so was not allowed to train, and then it was just a wreck of heat issues followed by a break-up, then packing and a move. I might have been to training maybe twice in the interim. So Sunday was really my first day back, and it was excellent!!

Excellent to be back in that dojo, to have climbed 4 flights of stairs to get to it, to smell the unfinished wood as I walked through the hallways to the space, and to train with two of my favorite people!

I really felt like I was ‘home’ during the training, probably for the first time since I’ve been back. So that ended week 2!!

Sorry this was a long update, I guess I had more to write about than JUST the workouts, since moving across the ocean is another form of BFD.


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