Project01Week 3 – March 30-Day Challenge Recap:
Wk 3, Day 1: I had to do a little research and find out what a ‘indine-push-up’, for the record, I’m not a fan & I’m not really good at the ‘jack-knife sit-ups’. However, I did them. It was good work-out & worked the full body & challenged me to do more than easy stuff.

Wk 3, Day 2: This was a pretty easy work-out although the ‘dead-lift’ threw me, what can I dead lift… in my house?? I mean last summer I dead lifted the front-end of a lawnmower so, that I could change the tire but I wasn’t about to find a lawn mower to dead lift… in the house especially. I first thought about the sofa, which is fairly light… so I wanted to find something little heavier… then I thought maybe the treadmill… I decided to do each several times in the circuit. However, it was nothing in comparison to the lawn mower, which according to my husband is equal to dead-lifting about 200 lbs. Never underestimate your strength when you want to get something done, NOW! LOL!! However it was good work-out & the treadmill worked out better after 25 lifts.

Wk 3, Day 3: I was intimidated about Day 3, it looked forever long & honestly, I wrote ‘water break’ on my list and thought, what kind of exercise is a ‘water break’ I’m such a geek! Later after writing it the 4th time, I realized wait a water BREAK, Duh!! I managed through it, and honestly it wasn’t that bad, it was long but no longer really than Day 2 doing it 5x, your just doing Day 3 – 1x. I did it and it wasn’t bad. The jump roping I don’t have a weighted jump rope nor do I have ceilings high enough to really jump rope in my house and I don’t want to be a bad example for my children so the 1st time I skip jumped rope and the other times I just jumped like I’d be jump roping without the rope. I actually really liked the change-up and movements of this, I would have really liked more arm/ab work then what it worked for as long as it was but it would be easy to add arm motions and ab work to it easy enough. Good long but-kicking work-out.

Wk 3, Day 4: What is the deal with Jumping Jacks this week?! My calves are killing me?! For whatever reason when I jump, whether it be jump squats, tuck jumps, jump rope or jumping jacks, I’m always on the balls of my feet. I’m not sure that is normal however it is for me. So I get an amazing calf work-out with all these jumping jacks. Not necessarily a bad thing 😉  The Planks are hard… still ;(

Wk 4, Day 5: Okay whoever invented Plie squats, enjoy cruel punishment. I’m going to have amazing thighs for real! I really liked the side-leg circles. I know that is strange to like but you can really feel them working and they are very different from the things that we usually do. I liked the short bridges but you need to pay attention and not use your neck muscles & really work those abs.

Wk 5, Day 6: Looked terribly intimidating as well although after day 3, I knew to take it 1 step at a time and I’d make it through. Which I did and the burpees are getting easier for me and I found myself doing them more than 5 each time,  8-10 without even realizing it. The pivot upper cuts work the arms more which I really felt was lacking in the other work-out.

All together I felt like despite Day 3 & 6 where rather long work-outs I think this was a good week work-out I enjoyed it and didn’t have a hard time with any of it. I did feel the burn and my muscles were mildly sore.

DSC_7985I kept up with the interval treadmill training although I missed my Friday walk. It’s coming up on that time of the month and I’m craving salt like a maniac and have NO energy 😦 I hate this time of the month and I need to learn to adapt and cope with it better, truly. However, I’m muddling through and still working!!  I did do the Just Sweat routine 3x this week, I’ve finding I really enjoy it, it’s almost like not working out b/c you are just dancing around and having fun but it’s a butt kicker for sure!! Plus, you can work towards beating your own scores! It creates competitiveness within yourself which I love.

I’m still reading Inca Gold, which I got past the 2nd prologue and it’s picked up momentum, I don’t want to put it down & The Story. I’ve scrapped over 16 pages this week and have managed to keep the kids taken care of, the house clean & keeping up with all the crazy things we have going on, i.e. cubscouts, basketball practice & game, bowling,  Parent/teacher conferences, youth group, sunday school, Kids church, haircuts, book fair… NEVER a dull moment here EVER!!

All I have to say being ‘Too Busy’ is never an excuse I’m ALWAYS busy!!

P.S. I also added a set of pictures to my status updates that will show you how far I came last year!! It wasn’t a pill, it wasn’t a shake, it was nothing shy of HARD Work, Dedication, the Desire to Change & Change Forever!


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