Week 2 Recap for the March 30-Day Challenge:

Wk 2, Day 1: Not bad – easy enough routine for a Monday – Lord knows we need easy on Monday. Can’t hardly get our rears out of bed for work let alone to work-out. I did my usual 2 miles interval treadmill training as well as this routine. The hardest for me was the wall-sit by far, I could feel the burn terribly.

Wk 2, Day 2: LOVED this ab workout – not too hard but really worked the sides and abs… I will probably do this again just like the arm work-out. Easy enough that you could do it if traveling and a decent workout. The skinny dips were killer but I loved that there wasn’t a lot of equipment need & you could just find a good piece of carpet and get busy!! I actually did this workout 3x through, i think I had only written 2x through but I enjoyed it, it went by fast so I opted for a 3rd time through and really felt the burn. YAY!!

Wk 2, Day 3: Good routine, and I might suggest splitting these in half and taking a 10 sec break in the middle, if you are just starting out. For example, it calls for 90 jumping jacks right off,  I’d break it into 45/45 and take a 10 sec. breather in the middle. Same with the larger numbers like the 40 crunches, do 20 take a 10 sec breather do 20 more. You still feel the burn but it helps keep you focused. I did for the side crunches bring my opposite knee to my elbow just to help crunch – make sure you are doing the right crunches and not straining your neck muscles and you are exhaling at the time of the crunch to really flex those ab muscles. If you don’t know what a bird-dog is I suggest looking it up, however there are several different variations of it, so find one that you can do easy enough in your home without equipment.

Wk 2, Day 4: I’ve decided the 5 minute Brazilian Butt lift is equal to plié / lunge of death…LOL! Just kidding 🙂  It was a good work-out and it was easy to really work the abs & arms with this routine. I took this one pretty slow after last weeks lunge routine, I didn’t want to be crying on the treadmill in the morning. I broke the 20 reps in half doing 10 each and holding the lunge/squat position for 20 secs. after each ten rather than after the entire set of 20. I was able to do this set 2x through it took longer than 5 minutes obviously but I was able to really focus my energy on different parts of my body not just my legs and but.

Wk 2, Day 5: I love these work-outs full body work-out – simple enough, no clock watching just count. Easy to do just about anywhere and no need to look for equipment.  Rocked it today, didn’t have to put my legs up for the twists, I was able to hold them up on my own… till my 3 yr old tried pushing me down LOL!! They love to ‘help’ me 🙂

Wk 2, Day 6: This work-out was good, I love to play soccer and I love boxing so the punching and kicking was fun!! Liked the duck & weaving in the squat, totally good for stretching and working those legs and abs. I like to play Wii boxing with my son so this was fun and easy enough.

Along with these routines I’ve been Walking/running (interval treadmill routine) 3 days a week, usually Mon-Wed-Fri however my Fri has somehow become my Sat so… Mon-Wed-Sat, although, still getting it done. On the days I don’t use the treadmill I’ve been doing this ‘Just Sweat’ routine on the Wii game Just Dance 4,  I had bought this for myself for Christmas this past year and had never gotten to play with it. It’s fun & it kicks your butt!! It’s a dance routine but it’s cardio & muscle-building, I love it and the kids like doing it with me. Although, I find they have WAY more energy than I do, oh to be young again!! I even got my husband doing it a little, I think we may turn this into a family fun/work-out thing a couple of days a week considering my oldest just started basketball & he’s had more energy than this Mommy can handle!!

I’m still scrapping away, only 3 more cards to have April cards done and got 14 pages done this past week… whoo-hoo!!  The Inca Gold book I started, I just can’t seem to get into it but I’m going to try little harder this week, our weeks have been really crazy, only home 1 night a week is hard and so I’ve been going to bed fairly early every night because I am just tired.

Diet is going pretty well – still eating breakfast and not caffeine – just till Wednesday but I’m doing it! YAY!! Almost 30 days… I’m SOO excited!! Accomplishing something is an Amazing feeling!!

Keep up the great work and I will have more for you in a few days when I finish up the caffeine challenge!!

P.S. My weight and measurements are now listed under my ‘status update’ in header menu.


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