Project01Happy Monday everyone! Today I really realize I’m ‘on vacation’, as I didn’t have a THING work-related to do. In fact, instead of working, I did things like giving my books back to work, ‘type out my 2012 and 2013 expense sheets’ for taxes, mailed some very large boxes to myself in the states, put clothes and things into piles, etc. It was a really nice, relaxed day, even with the workout!

The Week 1, Day 6 workout was a bit killer, and I wonder if I did some of the moves right. I am confused by ‘range of motion’ that is mentioned in the leg lifts, and I had to bypass the ‘first position’, because my knees have been ‘crunchy’ lately. I have no idea what that means, but they make some sounds when I get up sometimes, so I am trying to be nice to them.

Week 2, Day 1 was NOT so terrible, although I DID get bored with it during the second set, and decided to just combine sets 2 and 3 to do double of everything. I know it’s technically not getting done any faster, but it feels like it. Kamay mentioned she hates the wall sits, and I will agree that they are boring. I also hate doing 80 jumping jacks, so I broke them up into 20×4 the first time, and 40×2 the second and third times. With this one, I ended up going for speed rather than pushing to do each move correctly. I kind of wasn’t in the mood and remembered how much I disliked this being 3 sets rather than just 2. But for a Monday/Day 1, I’m not going to complain.

Over the past week I’ve noticed that my body, although all kinds of sore, feels generally tighter. I am not doing any other workouts (yet), although I am walking a decent amount throughout my days in the city. My push ups still kind of blow and I need to get better at them and push to do them better.

We’ll see what this week brings. I fly on Wednesday, so I imagine that will be my off day, and you’ll catch my Day 3 workout on Thursday. My two months of travel begins this week… let’s see if this 30 Day Challenge can withstand different locations!



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  1. countrykay says:

    Was trying to do inclined push-ups the other day.. YIKES! I did manage a pathetic 15 but hey I’m getting there!! I agree I’m feeling tighter and doing really well… Keep up the great work!!

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