Hey lovers, happy Saturday! How has your Week 1 been? Mine has been interesting:)

Day 3’s workout was a good one and I enjoyed it, although I do agree with Kamay: 70 Russian Twists was MEAN. I will remember that!!

photoDay 4’s workout was actually harder than I expected it to be, but in a good way! I’m having issues lately with what I will call ‘armpit cleavage’, and this workout felt like it might fix that if I did it once a week with some push ups… I was actually tired halfway through the first exercise, but it got easier once the weights were ditched and it was just body resistance.

I will say I noticed that my left side is either MUCH stronger, or much more balanced, than my right (dominant side). This is actually something that’s been the case since my last relapses in 2009, and it might just have never gotten better. It was obvious with this workout because of the isolation of each side. Noted. I really liked this workout!!

As you can see, I finally bought some water bottles to use as weights, and these were a good size! 750 ml… I wonder what that is?

It took me 9:42 to complete, which is a record for these workouts so far.

Day 5’s workout was back to the cardio stuff, and I have to say that I enjoy these ‘Day of the Week’ workouts, because they’re full-body and well-rounded enough to feel like I’ve gotten in a ‘real’ workout. This one only took me 10:46 to complete, so it wasn’t much longer than Day 4, but it was entirely different. I am not AS against Russian Twists as Kamay is, and I do mine with my legs held slightly above or in front of an ottoman, so if they get too hard, I can rest my legs somewhere and still keep them elevated. I have to make sure I don’t lift the weight too high and rather do a REAL turn, but aside from that, I enjoy them!

One thing I will mention as a personal observation: I need to make sure to do all of my ‘going to the bathroom’ stuff BEFORE doing jumping jacks. And I will leave it at that, to spare you the messy details.


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