Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 17.35.55But don’t worry, it just did! It’s 8pm here in Germany, which means our readers in America have AT LEAST another 6 hours to do their workouts before it’s officially too late:)

So today might have been ‘national take it out on an American’ day, but it wasn’t marked on my calendar (or any calendar I walked past), so maybe what really happened is the Germans (not all of them, just the ones I came into contact with) got scared of all of that new sunlight and flipped out accordingly. Stranger things have happened, like national ‘don’t reserve a ticket on the train to Frankfurt’ day, which was (I’m sure) a once-in-a-century occurence.

Although a lot of stressful things came my way today my students made it bearable, and I managed to come home and still have some energy to do a workout. I did this on 1 cup of pasta and pesto and some gf/vegan gummy bears I had for lunch. about 6 hours ago. I know, it was a bad day for eating. But at least my pasta was healthy, when I finally did eat, although I guess the first thing I put in my mouth today was 3 cups of black tea. I promise to do better tomorrow.

Day 2’s workout had me a bit intimidated after reading Kamay’s post for the week, and I will say that for someone with knees that sometimes crunch, I made it through pretty well. I DID go into this one promising myself to do it slowly and deliberately, rather than rushing through it as we would for BR workouts. I made the mistake of doing workout 4 (a balancing and reaching for the ground number) incorrectly the first time, which made it far too easy.

The second time around, when I did it correctly, I realized how poor my balance has become. Noted, will work on that! By the 5th rep on my right leg (the less balanced of the two, which is odd since I’m a rightie), I ended up keeping a hand on the wall and using it to get the most out of the stretch.

I will say this: I made it through the workout, but we’ll see how I’m feeling tomorrow! This was a serious legs workout and I was already feeling it at the halfway point, muscles and MS nerves included.

One issue I need to solve STAT is the weights issue: I didn’t have bottles of water, or dumbbells. And I packed my big book and it ships to the states on Wednesday (same as me, but on a boat), so I was SOL in the weights department. I used the heaviest thing I could think to find before losing motivation, which was my 2012 paperwork (read: taxes) binder. It weighs like 2 pounds. So I’ll get some water bottles tomorrow. Because 2 pounds is NOT enough!!

In all honesty, I was afraid I might not get to this today. So I’m glad that I did, because it means I can take another day that could be worse (slightly doubtful) off. Saving up those ‘off’ days…

Happy day 2! Go and get it done!


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