Project01As most of you know from Facebook comments between GM and I, I actually started this 30-Day Challenge a week early. I really wanted to be able to really put these routines in perspective as to what and how they will work your body and how you will feel. First I’d like to give great shout out to GM for creating the board, what a great reference and her organization is stellar, something I wish all people obtained in life.

As most of you know on Days 1, 3 & 5, I also do the treadmill interval walk/run as well as my regular 30-Day challenge routine. I’ve managed to keep it around 2 miles sometimes I go over.  It did not interfere with my 30-Day challenge as I would either do both together on I’d do one in the morning and the other in the evening.

I kept my daily calorie intake as an avg. 1300, give or take 100 cal.  Which hasn’t been really hard. I actually think the hardest is just simply remembering to eat! I find I get to supper time and haven’t eaten nearly enough. Remember if you are working-out regularly you are better off eating every 2-3 hours, even if it’s just a 100 calorie snack.

Water drinking is going great & I only have 8 days to go till I finish my 30-Day caffeine challenge!! I really didn’t think I’d ever make it this far. Caffeine was a harder habit to kick, than I thought… soda, coffee, tea, chocolate… ugh, however 8 more days till SWEET victory!!

Reading has been going good, still 2 chapters ahead in The Story & I started Inca Gold & have several topics I’m researching for writing. Scrapbooking is going great, I got the 1st 7 months of 2009 done & 8 more cards scrapbooked for no one in particular. Thanks to a special friend & neighbor whom had a card making party (love you Jennifer!!).

So with all that being said I want to go through each day of the March 30-Day Challenge with you & give you some pointers:

Wk 1, Day 1:
I really liked this routine, pretty straight forward, total body work-out, legs, arms & abs. Side-note: GM is killing me with these Russian twists… talk about feel the burn especially followed up with the 15 second plank & 10 seconds side planks.  My abs where on fire but not in a bad way – in a good way.

Wk 1, Day 2:
This would be the work-out that almost put me out of commission for the week. UGH! Lots of squatting, and lunges, definitely hard on the knees… but you could feel the burn as you continued to work your body. It really helped focus on your balance as well which I liked however it made for long next 4 days as I was still feeling the burn in the following days. I think some of them could be easily modified to take the balancing stuff out as to work the legs but not as hard. I would definitely recommend NOT skipping a good 3 minute stretch and warm-up before you do this routine.

Wk 1, Day 3:
I really liked this routine and will probably use this one again in the future. I liked that you had to do 3 sets with each arm before switching arms. It was important because you could really feel the burn by the 3rd set. I added ab work to this, when I would press with my arm I’d also exhale and tighten my abs. I used to cans of food, rather than bottled water, I’d recommend using the same foods that weigh the same amount if just starting out. ( I don’t have bottled water b/c we live on a farm and have well water & it tastes good!) I used 2 different weight of cans (16 oz & 7 oz), mostly because I want to try to build my left arm up. It tends to be not as strong as my dominant and I want to switch hit this year for softball so I used heavier weight with it to help build it little more. It was simple enough routine that you could do it while traveling, which I also liked and easy enough to remember & do that you could do it almost do it at anytime.

Wk 1, Day 4:
DSC_8225aI kept a sheet on the fridge with my routines and notes after I worked out so that I could come back and fill in our readers!! This work-out I simply had one note: ‘SUCKED’ with an arrow pointing to the Russian Twists.  I am really NOT a fan of these, the sad thing is I will continue to do them because they are REALLY good work-out but ‘they ain’t easy!’  I would suggest that if you are unable to do the full 70 holding your legs up, try propping them up on something like a book/chair, anything that will keep them elevated. This will not work your abs as much but you will still feel the burn from the ‘twist’ part. This, like Day 1’s routine was well-rounded, which I enjoyed all but those darn twists. LOL!

Wk 1, Day 5:
I really enjoyed this routine for a Friday, who wants to do anything on Friday?? It’s like the last day before the weekend a lazy day.  This was a shorter version of Day 1 & 4 but despite its shorter version it was good. I liked the bicycles… & rightfully named as my son pointed out that it liked as though riding a bike upside down. And DARN those Russian Twists… ^(&#*@^%!!

Wk 2, Day 6:
Can refer back to Day 2’s work-out where I wrote “This would be the work-out that almost put me out of commission for the week. UGH!” I lied. Whomever told me once that I had a dancers arch in my foot, so I should be a dancer lied too!!  LOL!! This was fun but I would definitely recommend a good warm-up and stretch before you do this routine. really works the legs, hamstrings to be exact and you can easily add arms and abs to this work-out… if you aren’t so focused on how bad your legs are killing you LOL!!

YAY!! I survived Week 1… & I’m feeling GREAT, even put my size 10 jeans on Sunday without a problem… they were even a little baggy in the legs, I was actually surprised… Onward & Upward!!

P.S. I hope to give you some weight & measurements like GM did, Soon!!


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  1. germanymarie says:

    I am SO sorry about all of the twists!!! I hope they aren’t as plentiful next week :-/ If I make another board I will make sure to spread them out!! 🙂 Yay for great notes!! Thanks for this, now I know what to look for! ❤

  2. countrykay says:

    LOL!! GM no fear.. I can handle the ‘twists’ – they really are a good work-out for the abs and sides – they are just not easy… everyone needs a good challenge!! No problem working on week 2 🙂

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