Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 17.35.55Happy FIRST DAY of our challenge, everyone!

To be completely honest with you, I was slightly concerned about getting up and doing this today. I’d spent the entire weekend enjoying the final hours of my exercise-free time, and knew that with the schedule I’ve got this week, these were going to be an actual challenge to fit into my schedule!

Thankfully, my normal mentality kicked in this morning when I woke up at 6:45: I was supposed to get up at 7, and leave my house by 7:45 for work. Walking. So I woke up and enjoyed lying around for a few minutes, and then my panic/git ‘r done thought process kicked in: DO THIS NOW, before you get home at 4:30 and don’t want to do anything. Get up, get up, get up!!

So I got up, put on a sports bra and my trainers, a t-shirt, and did the workout while the rest of the apartment slept. Thankfully, two things are now happening: it’s before DST and the sun is setting at 6:30 pm (yes!!) and it’s also already light at 6:45 am… so I wasn’t exercising in the dark. Totally loved it.

Today’s workout was chosen specifically for how light it is, compared to other things. I thought it was a good starter. You can check it out HERE 🙂 There was, however, one small thing that bothered me as soon as I started: I did my workout in my panties and knee high socks that I slept in… And there was a decidedly disappointing feeling when I started to do my jumping jacks and realized that slapping sound I was hearing was that of my THIGHS SLAMMING TOGETHER.

I’ll take a moment to let you stop laughing and catch your breath.

I don’t have a negative body image. But that was annoying, and I think from now on I’ll wear shorts when I do jumping jacks. I already wear a shirt because I hate to look at my stomach when I do push ups. I think I need to stop looking in that direction and just focus on how close my nose comes to the floor, which will be closer when I’m not looking at my toes. Which will mean I don’t have to go down as far.

Either way, this workout this morning was good and not too terrible, although I really do hate counting anything and not just doing things for a set amount of time. It was a good way to start my morning, and definitely made me feel like I was ‘more awake’ for the 20 minutes I was still in the apartment after I finished the workout.

I also took my measurements this morning, since I thought it would be a good idea to track any body progress made in this challenge, and I don’t have a scale.

Bust: 86 cm
Natural waist: 68 cm
Hips/Low waist (where I like my jeans to sit): 87 cm
Hips/behind: 104.5 cm
Thigh: 62 cm

We’ll see how that goes.

photoThen I went and walked to work. Here’s the photo from my Pedometer on the iPhone (which I love), and as you might imagine, I’ve still got to walk back today once I’m done work (I am currently blogging at you FROM the office, between classes, and here you are, just awake and starting work on the East Coast.. sorry about that!), so it will all be doubled at the end of my day.

So far, we’re off to a good start! Have you done the week 1 day 1 workout? How did you feel about it? One thing I noticed was that my push ups are back to sucking… I’m going to have to get back to doing them again. Seriously. Once I find the time. Maybe I’ll even start back from the beginning of the Hundred Pushups challenge tonight. We’ll see!

Thanks to Kamay, I realized I’d done my russian twists wrong. If you’re not sure how to do them, check out THIS video. I didn’t lift my legs. Noted. Won’t happen again!!

Happy first day, go do your workout!


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