Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 17.35.55It just occurred to me today that the board I made LAST WEEK for Kamay and I to use for the Challenge now has over 100 followers. We think that’s pretty excellent, and we’re really excited to get rolling!

You might have read that Kamay is already on a roll… I, however, am not. I’m not sick, just enjoying these last few days of ‘no, nothing else to do today’ before next week starts. Although I WILL get a run in on the weekend as a start!

Next week is my FINAL week of work at the language school, and man, it is going to be hectic. I’m doing a crash course 3 out of five days, which is 6 hours of pretty much straight teaching (with two 15-minute breaks) each day, on top of my regular classes, and then the other two days as normal, which equals ‘full’. Then I fly on the 13th. Going out with a bang, anyone? So I’ll most likely be fitting these workouts in as soon as I get in after work, or if I wake up early enough, in the mornings. Can’t wait to do this and get going! No excuses!!

But, as we can now see we’ve got some watchers and subscribers, we want to officially put this call out to anyone following along with us: we will be writing about the workouts we’ve tried each day, but we want to hear from YOU.

If you happen to be following along with us, or trying any of these, we want to know what YOU think of the workouts!!

Yes, we love to write about trying these for our readers, but we also like to hear from other people. No two opinions are alike, so we want to read all of them. We want to know what you liked, didn’t like, what hurt, anything you want to tell us!!

We started this blog to provide each other with motivation long-distance, and you are a big part of that, too! We love your comments, your thoughts, and to know that we’re helping to inspire others. So if you’re doing this along with us, let us know! We’d love to chat:)


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  1. countrykay says:

    Looking forward to posting next week… been making notes as I go along 😉 Can’t wait to hear from everyone!!

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