Well… I’m fully recovered from the chest cold… it was quite a battle. I spent a lot of time laying on my back just simply because I didn’t have the strength to do anything else. Ugh! Worst feeling EVER especially for a mother when the house is falling in around you… i.e. laundry, dishes, etc..  I’m a wimp about my ears and once my sinus drainage reached my ears and they began to ache… off to the doctor I went… reluctant but I went. Medication was a must, terrible chest congestion that needed steroids and regular antibiotics to kick WHATEVER it was that had kicked me.

However, SO! glad to be back on the wagon and feeling so great!!

I’ve continued the interval treadmill training at first hard but now with more ease. Still having to work the numbers a little as I’m not so sure I would ever run a 6.5… unless I was trying to catch a jack-rabbit. I don’t know if it’s just my treadmill or what but a 5 is dead sprint for me, 6.5 would be tempting fate I believe… LOL!  Running on a treadmill is not that easy for me, I’m getting better with it but at first I felt like I was going to fall.  I’m not going to lie I’m not terribly great at balance to begin with. I am getting better however not great.  It is what it is, learning to accept things about myself that I hate is just reality, I’m almost 32, time to get over it.

I’ve also continued the 4 minute “world’s fastest workout”, I’ve been repeating it 4 times, to make it more like 8 minutes and really pushing it. It’s pretty good, decent work out and easy to add to and easy to push it. I’ve decided I’m not a fan of mountain climbers, I’d almost rather do push-ups.

DSC_7965My diet as taken a deeper sense of meaning to me after writing about my diet plan before and stating that soda was still a problem for me I was really disgusted with it and myself. I do not like that fact that I need to rely on something like an addict. So I decided to take a 30 day challenge of my own, with regard to it. Caffeine you will not rule my life anymore. As of February 11th I have been caffeine free, I have sworn off coffee, tea and soda as well as chocolate, which I’m allergic to but regardless I’ve had none. And for the record going cold turkey seems impossible in the 1st several days I suffered MAJOR caffeine headaches. I still crave soda from time to time and I miss my coffee in the morning. However, I’ve found other hot drinks to fill the void and I’m doing a lot better with the water drinking.  As of today I’ve been 16 days caffeine free and honestly it doesn’t feel like it was ever an issue. That doesn’t mean the little red can in the fridge doesn’t stare me down on a hard day, it does but I have to remind myself… despite wanting a treat to relieve the stress, I don’t want to rely on it for an ‘out’, crawling into a can is not the answer, rising above it is.

Mental, Emotional and Spiritual things have been going well. Reading has been a DSC_7945HUGE success I am now starting book #8, EIGHT!! I’ve already read 2x what I read last year and it’s not even March, YAY!!  I successfully finished True Believer, The Notebook, The Wedding & The Rescue all by Nicholas Sparks (sappy love stories should be a crime, trying to read and cry is pointless!), Vanishing Point by Marcia Muller & I read excerpts from The Farmers Almanac, Gardening Guide (I’m a farmers wife that gardens, give me a break).  I believe my next choice will be Inca Gold by Clive Cussler & then it will be a toss-up between Last Flag Down by Baldwin & Powers or No Easy Day by Owen & Maurer.  It will be whichever comes first. While both are out of my typical genre of reading I’m hoping to expand my mind with some history, if it’s possible this late in my life. P.s. I hated history in school but I am finding it more intriguing as I grow older… Could it be I’m growing up & becoming more mature?!… Naaaa!!

I have continued reading The Story forwarded by Max Lucado,  & Randy Frazee & illustrated by Fausto Bianchiand & have started teaching in to my Sunday School class, which is usually a class of 3-13 toddlers.  I am to chapter 11 which is 2 chapters ahead of where I am teaching but I find it at times hard to put it down. I keep thinking I shouldn’t read too much ahead or I won’t be on the same page as the children ‘no pun intended’.

My Facebook posts have come slowly but I am still trying to write here and there. The last few I wanted to write seemed more like rhetorical rants rather than heart-felt affection so I decided to forgo posting. I did however post another today about Reflection mostly on life and the community in which I live and the outpouring of love I witnessed over the weekend. It really tends to bring things to perspective at times, humbling yourself as a service to another.

DSC_7949My cards are made and mailed for the month of March, which means I am ahead <happy dance>. I finished up my 14 day free trial on Ancestry.com and settled on the pictures and information for all the pages of the family album I had been working on, which I filled with old photos and family tree information. It may seem silly to someone who has known their entire life where they have come from but for me I didn’t know most of my life and I feel it important for my children to never have to second guess it, to always know their heritage.  I am pleased with it and look forward to filling in the ‘story’ part of it. Writing little stories and tales about my family to pass on through the generations.  I’ve scrapped over 50 pages in the 1st part of my 2009 album and have 150+ to go… SOMEDAY, I will get caught up!!

All things considered I am doing well. I will be continuing my 30 day caffeine challenge which will end on the 12th of March,  my food diet will continue as always watching my calories. Reading, scrapping, writing and such will continue as usual. Also, starting March 4th I will be starting the 30th challenge with GM that we/she posted about. I will continue to work on the treadmill, doing the interval training as well, I plan to do this 3-4 times a week and the March 30 Day Challenge everyday.

DSC_7958 My energy level is up, I’m continuing to get things done, along with all my usual duties as a Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Sunday School teacher, Scouts helper, after school volunteer, occasional workshop teacher & friend… I am scrapping, bowling, reading, eating healthy & exercising!!

My Mantra: KEEP IT UP!!

P.S. Yes, I canned all the jars in the above photo (with the can of coke) & all the things were grown here on the farm.
LtoR: Spaghetti Sauce, Kosher Dill Pickles, Sweet Bread & Butter Pickles, Garlic Dill Pickled Veggies, Cinnamon Apples Sauce & Black Raspberry Jelly.


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  1. germanymarie says:

    keep going! I can’t wait to get started, I have been seriously slacking. 🙂

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