I’m not sure if we’ve spoken much about the 30-day challenges I sometimes like to do, but in case we haven’t, I’ll tell you about them now: I like to do them. I watched a video a while ago (maybe 2 years or something like that) on the TED website that inspired me to do all of the small, but bigger than inconsequential, things I’ve always wanted to do or try… for 30 days. It’s a great way to keep on track and try things to see if you actually like doing them. I’ve gotten a lot accomplished because of these, and I would recommend anyone try anything for 30 days. It really is JUST the right amount of time!

Here’s the video I watched. I might have shared it before.


So Matt Cutts was inspired by someone else, and he has inspired me. I use this video often for my English classes as well, because it’s only about 3 minutes long, and it’s a good amount of time to focus and try to understand. It’s also a good way to start discussing the future tense (‘I will not eat meat for 30 days’) in response to the video, since nine times out of ten, there are things my students want to try, but haven’t.

Here's me jumping for Claes #16 in Paris!

Here’s me jumping for Claes #16 in Paris!

@ith Japan about a month away and me feeling better, but about to embark on a 2-month travel binge, I thought it would be a good time to do a 30-day challenge.

I did one of these at this time last year, when I tried out Bodyrock. It was fun, and easy to follow.

What I wanted to do this time was something different: I didn’t want to stick to just one fitness regimen, or one website, or one type of exercise routine. We’ve got a really BIG pinterest board, called Workouts we will try!, and I wanted to try a bunch of those. So I went ahead and made a new board, called March 30-Day Challenge, on which I pinned the workouts from the previous board that I’d like to do, in order.

Clearly, I had to set some ground rules:

1. Work out 6 times per week. One floating day of rest, not set. According to life and what happens.

2. Must do a work out from board on any day in which I don’t do something else, such as swimming, or budo, walking 5k, or running 30 minutes.

2.5. If I feel that I can do a workout AND one of these, then do it. Also, if I feel like a workout from the board was too easy, I MUST do something else.

3. Do the workouts in order of posting. Just to keep on track and see how far I make it.


The challenge begins on March 4, which is a Monday and in calendar week 10. March 1-3 are optional warm-up days. Kamay will be doing this with me, and we’ve got everything posted to the board in case you’d like to follow along with us! I tried to organize the workouts to alternate between cardio-heavy and muscle group focused, but week 3 is all cardio, just to see how that feels.

Our readers are welcome to do this with us! Each pin on the 30-Day Challenge board is labeled with the week and day, so we can all stay on track together.

Kamay and I will be reviewing each of the workouts we do, so our readers can decide if they want to try them or not! As a note, I am still running my C210k runs, but not quite as frequently as I’d like to… so you’ll read about some of those mixed in with these workouts. It will probably come to pass that Kamay and I end up reviewing some workouts on different days, but the idea is that we try to get through all of them and review all of them for you!

I’m excited, and so is Kamay!


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  1. countrykay says:

    I am excited!! I am also doing an interval treadmill work out from the pinterest board & will resume the C25k in the spring when there isn’t 6 inches of snow on the ground… crazy mid-west weather, 40 degrees and sunny in the morning 4 inches of snow by the next morning… heavy sigh. I’m SO ready for spring 🙂

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