DSCN5709sNot even joking on that one, guys.

But seriously, I decided it would be best to jump back into fitness AFTER my trip to Paris, and with good reason. I didn’t track it due to GPS in a foreign country being rather expensive, but I am SURE that in one day, I walked no less than 25 kilometers, or about 15 miles. And that was just one day, and it was probably more. There were two other half-days in which I also walked all over the city, and I’m sure I knocked out a good 20 miles of walking. In 3 days. Paris is HUGE.

My legs are SO sore. I walked up lots of steps (see the photo), across lots of streets, and thankfully, onto a few subway trains. On Saturday night, I got past the point of exhaustion, and sadly, wasn’t able to even explain the MS to the people we were with until I’d drank about 2 gallons of water and eaten dinner.

DSCN5691sOh, and I also walked through LOTS of art, in two separate galleries. There wasn’t enough time to even bother with the Louvre, so we just walked past it. More walking.

Walking is a GREAT form of exercise, and not one I really did often until I moved to Europe. Walking all over a city is a great way to get out and learn it, in a way that driving won’t do for you!

All in all, it was a lot of walking and not so much eating, although when I did eat, I ate well and bad for me. I adopted the ‘when in Rome’ attitude for Paris, because I have my real life to follow the rules, and can take a small break for vacation. Granted, a part of this decision was based on the fact that french bread is mostly processed white bread, and that stuff never hurts me, along with the fact that my favorite cheese, Comté, is French. So I ate to my heart’s content, and thanks to all of the walking, I actually feel fine.

DSCN5749sI wouldn’t recommend that practice for everyone, but I never actually believed I’d get to Paris, and although I loved it, am not sure I’ll ever get to go back, and we only live once. So, when in Paris.

It was a great time, I got to see a great old friend’s art opening and catch up with him and his family, and I also got to see Claes #16 (and #1 for 2013!), so it was a great, well-rounded trip.

I will say this for anyone who wants to go: Paris is NOT a 3-day city. Give yourself a week, if you get out there. You’ll thank me for that later:)

Now back to our somewhat-regularly scheduled fitness. Tomorrow. After my legs aren’t as sore. Today is just a walk for me, for recovery purposes. Later.


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