new band!I put it all on hold for a week. That’s right.

Not because I was in pain, not because I wasn’t feeling motivated… in fact, I was feeling highly motivated, and because of that, highly frustrated, because I COULDN’T get the time to go do the things I wanted to do. So I just finally stopped dead in my tracks, peeled the running pants off, and said ‘screw it, I’ll get back to this on the 9th’.

Why the 9th of February? Because by then, I’ll be done with what equates to half of my workload. This is finals week at the Uni, and as I have subbed for a MONTH for a coworker, I haven’t had time to get home during daylight hours, much less keep up with my own classes at my normal level of dedication. There was a job application due, tickets to be bought, confusing German forms (and some American ones) to be filled out. And it all got to be a bit too much for me.

I finish all of the rest of my work on March 9th, and the month between now and then will be a really light one in comparison to what I’ve been juggling the previous two months. In fact, the time between Feb 9 and March 9 will be SO light, that I’ll have time to finish my TEFL (teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification, which had to be put on hold a few months ago. I’ll have enough time to do all of that learning and studying in the coming month. I’ll be working 3 days a week, barely, and averaging (as it stands) 10 hours of teaching each week. Um, more than enough daylight hours to run, do push ups, crochet AND get TEFL Certified.

Since my last post about being out in the snow, it’s all melted. Which is a good thing, since I can’t seem to find any screw-in spikes for my shoes around here. I’ve been eating really well, and have managed to solve all of the ‘need to eat, NOW’ situations that have arisen (for the most part, with dried fruit or chips and salsa). My weight has kind of plateaued, and my pants size went back down to 29 (I was teetering on 30-31 before the month of super dietary restrictions). I feel lighter, have minimal knee pain, and am feeling more energized and good about myself. So these are all great things.

I might have said it in a recent post, but I can’t remember: I’m going to keep with the restrictions. This week and over the next few, I’m going to reintroduce some things (like bananas and apples) and see how I feel with them back in my diet. I’ll keep off of all meat except for fish, though, and will be slow in adding back beans that are not lentils. The cheese made a slight comeback this week, but it’s going to be kept at a serious minimum due to lactose intolerance and just how it makes me feel. Unexpected things I’ve grown to enjoy in the past month: almond butter and grapefruit. I’ve also cooked cauliflower a lot and loved it, and am not ashamed to say I’ve got a package of surimi (crab stick) in the fridge that I go to whenever I need something quick. Wow, that stuff lasts forever.

I barely even miss eggs. Who would have thought? I thought they’d be harder to lose than cheese, but cheese has really proven to be the highest hurdle for me.


I heard and read a few slightly shitty things about myself (from the hands of others) in the past few weeks, and it set me off on a bit of an independent, ‘I can do it all by myself and never needed this shit’ streak. I’m mostly over that now, but as that happened, I went out and bought the cute little headband you see in the featured image, since the old one wasn’t mine and I wanted my shit to match. As most of my stuff is grey and pink, I thought this was perfect. And me. And MINE.

My identity, MY colors, MY personality. No one else’s. And that felt good. It’s also felt good to buy tickets to go places, and plan my month-point-five of travel that will happen once mid-March hits. You’ll be reading posts from everywhere for a while, and when all is said and done, I’ll be back in Baltimore and might have to consider changing my screen-name. Maybe it’s time to go with my real name. Maybe I’m still not over that ‘stalker thing’ that happened a few years ago, esp since I’ll be back on the same continent with that nutbag… We’ll see. I’m open to suggestions.

In the meantime, I just wanted to let our lovely readers know I’m not ‘off the bandwagon’, and I’m not out of commission. I’m healthy, and doing well. I’m in crunch time right now, and am planning my triumphant return to fitness in 6 days. Between now and then, expect me to go swimming (which has happened at least once a week), grade lots of papers, and re-up my time in order to finish my English certification. All of that happens in the next 6 days.

It’s go time?


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