Yesterday I went out running again, and it was in the snow! It had snowed in the morning, and I waited for it to slow down before heading out. The path I run isn’t one that’s often shoveled, I don’t think, so I didn’t want it to be snowing AND difficult to run at the same time.

I was a little annoyed with myself, since I wasn’t able to run at all last week, and it had been about a week since my last run. I don’t want to just be a weekend warrior, but I know I’m pushing myself hard at work right now to get all of the hours in before I finish in the first week of March. So last week was really harsh, and this week isn’t looking to be AS bad, although I DO have a 5-hour crash course to do tomorrow. Thankfully, it ends at 1:15 and then I’m done for the day!

As it stands, I don’t run today (no time, and I ran yesterday), and then I’ll either run OR swim tomorrow, as tomorrow is the first day I’m allowed to swim since getting my new tattoo in the first week of January:) Wednesday will be a rough day, again and as always, but then Thursday and Friday are almost TOTALLY open, so I have no excuse not to run on either of those days. I’m looking forward to that, because this week feels like the week when I finally cross almost everything off of my ‘to-do’ lists and can get back to the ‘want to do’ lists.

the path

wine hills!

The path I run is just near the river, and I like that. However, as you can see from the photo, you can barely see the path here. It’s pavement, and not shoveled, and the snow was pretty packed when I was on it. This isn’t terrible and I’m used to it, but I did have to run a little slower, and be a little more careful than usual, since it was a little slippery!

As I was running, I remembered some strap on ice spikes I’d seen a friend wearing a few weeks ago, and wondered if they’d be good for running… not sure about that, they seemed pretty hardcore, but I was also reminded of the screw-in spikes you can buy for your running shoes, and now I understand why… This wasn’t exactly an issue I had in my last neighborhood, but that was a dirt path, and so the snow packed differently! Now I understand why those spikes might come in handy.

Either way, it’s a cold week this week, but I don’t expect the snow to last. It’s been a super-mild winter so far, and we’re almost done with January! Yes, February is the coldest here, but I don’t expect too much more of this.

As a child, I had sports-induced asthma and couldn’t really handle playing soccer in November and December (the end of the winter season) because it hurt my lungs. That is long gone now, and the teenager who used to love nothing more than to sweat it out all day on a hot beach has changed her tune. Now I can ONLY run when it’s cool or mild, and will never get to go to Egypt or Thailand in the summer. And I’m ok with that, but it’s forced me to do a lot of thinking about ‘what we like/want’ and ‘what we can handle’. Now I’m the ice queen, which I guess is slightly more fitting, since I AM a Scorpio, after all (but don’t worry, I keep the heat on in the house:).

photo 2I wanted to talk a little about dressing properly for the cold weather. I know that everyone is different, but I thought it might be good to discuss HOW we dress for the snow, and fitness IN it.

I can only run in the snow and cold weather, due to my issues with heat. Kamay can only run in the warmer months, because of her lungs. We’re all different! So how one person dresses for the weather is much different from how others would dress.

I want to say it’s important to KNOW your body, and how it reacts, and also, how it SWEATS. I sweat a lot, so the worst possible thing for me to wear is cotton, as cotton holds sweat. Instead, I have to opt to wear synthetic fabrics with wicking technology against my skin, to pull that sweat away from me. Sweat turns cold once it’s out of your body, so it’s important in colder temperatures to keep that away from your skin, in order to keep yourself warm and not catch a cold!

I personally don’t NEED to stay warm, since my body loves to overheat… in fact, as you can see from the photo, I had no problem laying down in the snow to cool off. Who in the world needs to cool off after running in the snow? THIS GIRL. BUt still, I HATE having cold sweat against my skin.

Often, we overdress for cold weather, because we feel the cold when we walk or stick our hands outside… This is fine, if you’re just walking or getting into your car, but if you are going to work out, it’s best to let yourself start out a little cold. As you can see from the photo, I’m wearing a zip-up jacket (it’s thin, but has micro fleece on the inside), over a long-sleeved synthetic shirt, OVER a synthetic undershirt, OVER my sports bra!! I would have to say that I overdressed yesterday: I really didn’t need BOTH of those long-sleeved tops, because by the 10-minute mark, it was too warm!!!

Thankfully, I was only on C210k Week 3, Day 2, so there wasn’t a lot of running, and even more cool-down time. But if it had been Weeks 5 or 6, I would’ve needed to take something off. So next time it’s -2 (celsius!!) outside and I’m going for a run, I’ll only wear the zip-up.

So: Be safe, dress appropriately, and don’t let the snow deter you! If nothing else, it means fewer people on the road, and honestly: it’s pretty to look at!!


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