Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 18.34.25I went running and did push ups on Sunday. And I was SO effing proud of myself. As normal, I took Monday as an active rest day and had planned to do my running and more push ups on Tuesday. But then something happened, and I needed to fill in for a coworker, and the next thing I knew, I was home at like 8pm and dead. And I won’t run in the dark in this neighborhood, so I lost the chance to do that at about 5pm.

So the ideal thing to do would have been to do my workouts last night, except I worked 10 hours and was out of the house for 12. By the time I got home, it was all I could do to eat something before passing out and waking up to do it all again today.

Today was different. As you can see from my calendar screen shot, I got home after my last class and was free for the rest of the day, and am still free now. But in all honesty, after the week I’ve had, I haven’t done a damn thing except wash some dishes, fold a few paper cranes and just relax. Because I think I deserve a break after those long days. Because yes, while there is TIME between those classes, it’s not like I was going to go home then. Because there was no time to do that. Instead, I had to stay where I was and try to get whatever I could done while out and about.

I’m writing all of this to discuss something specific.

Too often, we think that ‘not working out’, or not having the time to, equates to laziness. And I’m writing today to say that’s not true. It’s not lazy if you come home after a 10-hour work day and can barely stand. It’s not lazy if you can’t force a run after being on your feet, lugging around files, books and a laptop all day. It’s not lazy, it’s exhaustion, and you need to listen to your body and really, really rest at times like these.

You are not a gladiator. You will NOT die if you don’t keep pushing. It doesn’t feel right to stop and take it easy, but if that’s what your body is telling you to do, it’s what you need to do.

I took this afternoon to rest. Tomorrow, I’m finished at 9:00 and will be home by 10:00. I will do ALL of the working out tomorrow, and then again on either Saturday or Sunday, and then I’ll try again for next week.

I’m not being lazy, and neither are you. Sometimes there are just literally TOO MANY things to get done in a day, and not enough hours. And that’s ok, because we can do some things tomorrow. It’s not procrastinating if you need a break, it’s recharging. Accept it, and go out and be better tomorrow!


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