WEEK 2 Recap… where to begin??  Well, 2 sick kids and pile of 1st grade homework is NOT where I want to start but life is what it is.

DSC_6906My exercise started out the week with treadmill interval workout off of our Pinterest board “workouts we will try”.  I was discouraged to find out that my treadmill barely goes to 5.5, let alone the 6.5 or 6.7 it calls for. However, after day one of modifying the intervals to my overheated, air sucking mildly out-of-shape body I realized 6.5-6.7 would not be ANYWHERE I could run at at least on this treadmill. I can’t dead sprint right out of the shoot which would be WHY I never ran track. I will say this you really need a 3-5 minute walking warm-up before you jump right into the 3. Jumping right into the 3 speed was hard for me, I would suggest a warm-up before you start the interval.  I jogged at 5 instead of the 6.5 and I lessened my jogging intervals to 2 minutes and increased my walking intervals to balance it out. I also added 10+ minutes to allow for a full 2 miles. Surprisingly, enough the house didn’t fall in while I was running, I’m not sure how loud it was for the ear buds but my son did tell me he had to turn up the TV because he couldn’t hear it over the noise, LOL!  I’m hoping to increase my running intervals in the coming week to 3 minutes & adjust my walking times accordingly.  This reminds me of the C25k we did at the beginning of last year truly, it’s very similar.

The 4 minute, “world’s fastest workout” also from our Pinterest board was hard the first 2 days but increasingly easier by day 3 of it. The first 2 days through it was hard to get my timing right. I don’t have timer I just have to watch the clock on the wall however by day three I knew about how many of each I could do in the alloted time and just counted to myself.  I’m hoping to increase this to 3 times through in the coming week.
My ‘diet’, I’m doing better, I’ve been doing my best the holiday treats are mostly gone and I’m making better choices all the way around. Soda is still one thing I combat every couple of days but, I’m getting better. I know that I can do it and knowing that is half the battle. I’ve been getting back to drinking more water.  I’m still having problems with eating enough calories but writing it down is helping. So, I’m slowly getting back to eating six times a day, watching my portions & calories each day & drinking more water.   I have to remember Breakfast is ALWAYS important even if it’s something small it’s better than nothing at all!  This was my breakfast Thursday cup of coffee with a little local honey & milk, water, trail mix bar that has almonds and dried fruit in it with honey & granola, an apple, my Vitamin C pill & my Daily Woman’s Vitamin…  total calories were about 259.

My mental plan has been going great, I’ve been taking the time to read & write which is great. I don’t always make the time and it gives me, the ‘Me” time that really helps me be better grounded to deal with life itself… like the MOUNTAIN of laundry I have going on.

All in all I’d say Week 2 has been productive, I already finished reading 1 book, I even got my Family Album I’ve been wanting to do since last summer done & I finished up all the ornaments that I had scattered on my desk. Now I can get back to scrapbooking cards & scrapbooking the latter half  of 2009 that I started last year, I’m just loving all the energy I have!!

Despite having sick kids!! Next week may be the hard one – prayerfully I will survive :/


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  1. germanymarie says:

    This is all so awesome, Kamay!! By the time you’re up to 6.5 it’ll be time to get outside again, so go at your pace and do what you can!! And get the boys some headphones, maybe? Just a thought:) Keep it up!!!

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