UGH… is all I can get out between the sniffles and the coughing, thankfully Saturday and Sundays are kind of ‘down days’ for me.  Saturday I exercise but I tend to not push as hard or do something completely different as far as exercise is concerned. Like go for a long walk instead of run or this Saturday I stacked fire wood & used the chainsaw… (yes you read that right, I used the chainsaw, I am not a woman without skill). So, Saturday afternoon when I settled down to have dinner (lunch to the rest of the world) I was feeling as though I might have been hit by a big truck. I took a long hot shower and later my husband found me asleep on the bathroom floor & running a temp.. Give me a break the bathroom was quiet, warm & without children.  It was at that point I decided perhaps bed would be a good place for me to stay the rest of the afternoon/night 😦

So… the 3 boys had shared with each other as well as with me this bronchitis or strep or both. The boys and I have run temperatures from Saturday onto Monday morning. I awoke at 6:30am Monday to help get Sammy ready for school, he seemed to be the only one (besides my husband whom NEVER gets sick) that was feeling well enough to do anything. So after putting him on the bus I decided on some coffee and checked my own temperature for the ten hundredth time in the past 2 days & still I’m running a 99-100 temp which is A LOT better than the 102.6 temp I had been running the day before.

So where or what should my exercise plan be while sick or should I even have an exercise plan?! Should I push it, because honestly I feel like running on the treadmill will just throw me into coughing hysteria and then I won’t be able to accomplish much.  I don’t want to cut out exercise all together what do I do??

According to most physicians passing the neck test is important, which is simply if your symptoms are above the neck – sniffling, sneezing, watery eyes – you are fine to work out but probably don’t push as hard on the 1st few days. Don’t go overboard, mild exercise is known to build up your immune system while vigorous exercise can really suppress your immune system.

If your symptoms are below the neck – coughing, chest congestion, fever – take a break and don’t do anything for at least 48 hours from the time your symptoms disappear.  This is truly because you can throw yourself right back into being sick especially if you have a fever. Raising your internal temperature while already running a fever can make you become ever more sick than you started. So… don’t always listen when someone tells you a little work can make all the difference when your sick, that’s not always the answer.  You can prolong the sickness if you push too hard too soon.

With that being said, I failed the neck test & I plan to start week 3 on the couch folding laundry, perhaps reading or scrapbooking. I don’t feel too bad today but I am still running a low-grade temperature and I know I need to lay low. Truthfully, as a mother of 3 I do not want or need to prolong any of this sickness any longer than it has already been.  However, I will not let this downtime go to waste, folding clothes and sitting at my desk are doable tasks & will help with my mental and emotional plans.

I plan or hope to be working out again by Wednesday or possibly Thursday, fingers crossed!!


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  1. germanymarie says:

    Get better soon! Reading and scrapping are fine activities, and your body is clearly telling you to rest, so no worries!! Hang in there and get better!! ❤

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