That was my yesterday, no doubt. The weekend went by FAR too quickly, and yesterday wasn’t even to blame, considering I spent almost ALL of yesterday just being sad that it was Sunday, and not Saturday. Does that ever happen to you?

So there’s something going on with my shoulder, and I don’t know what it is, but it hurts when I lean back and do things, things like pushing myself up off of the toilet, sitting up when I wake up, etc. It came out of nowhere two days ago, and hasn’t really been bothering me nonstop, just whenever I do those things. It made me a little concerned to do my run and my push ups, but I did them nonetheless (although technically I didn’t pass the neck test, sorry Kamay!!)

I’ve been keeping a ‘do at home’ list on my phone, of things I need to remember to do once I’m back indoors. It’s a list that pushes me to remember my goals, and the things I can do each day to get a bit closer to them. It also reminds me of all of the things I need to do that AREN’T goals, like writing a test for a class, typing up my training notes from Japan last year, and so on. I like to keep it, so I don’t forget the small things that often just wear on my mind.

In the past two weeks, I’ve felt so majorly productive. I’m not sure if it’s due to the new year/new goals/new start mindset I’m in, or if it’s just me feeling better and getting things done. Regardless, yesterday (and all weekend, actually), I got a LOT accomplished, and I want to share because I’m proud of myself

I’ve made 25 cranes in 4 days. This is more than I need, but a cushion can’t hurt.

I did Week 3, Day 1 of my C210k workout.
This is a change from the past few weeks, when I was working on weeks 5 and 6, but on week one while I was off on vacation. I’ve been speaking to a friend, who’s currently on Week 3 as well and on her first time around, and it occurred to me that due to how my knees have been feeling in the past few weeks, I should go easier on myself and start back a bit further, too, since I don’t want to do any damage, only good! Also considering my shoulder, I thought week 3 would be a good place to start. Better to do enough than too much, in this case.

Week 3 is still half running and half walking, and is about 2 weeks before where I think I reasonably could and shoud start. But since I have to remind myself on a daily basis that I am no longer the 19-year-old gladiator that I used to be, this is where my body seemed mostly happy, although I did have to jump off the path and into the grass to shut my knees up!!

photo 2I did Week 2, Day 2 of my hundred pushups challenge. Thankfully, I’m not doing this alone and have a friend doing this with me as well… so I get constant reminders that ‘today is push ups day’. That’s awesome and I love the encouragement.

I have to say, I still don’t feel like my pushups are really good pushups, I feel like I could be ‘going down’ more… but I’m getting there, and starting to feel the power when I actually push up!!

As you can see, I have FAR surpassed 100 pushups already. I have to say, the app has been great for this, as it reminds me that I can actually do push ups and it’s not hard, just training, to be able to do 100 of them.

I’ve also been eating well consistently, and I can already see and feel a change in my body, just after 2 weeks. That’s effing great, as far as I can tell. To add to that, I haven’t been having as much knee pain as before the holiday and directly after, which makes me wonder if there IS something to all of those foods I’ve been avoiding? There are FAR more berries in my diet than previously, and that’s at least a tasty change. Not eating much meat has been pretty excellent, as well.

Along with all of this stuff, I booked a hotel in Paris for February for my friend’s art opening, booked my flight to Japan for April, and have also finished typing ALL of my training and teaching notes, editing and posting ALL of the photos, and completed ALL of the course plans.

The next big thing to handle this week is writing a test and finalizing my CV to send off to what might be considered ‘dream job #2′, since the Murakami job didn’t pan out. I will, of course, keep you posted, and keep searching! That’s it for me tonight, but I’ll be running and pushing up tomorrow:)


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  1. countrykay says:

    ❤ the cranes!! I think someday I may do that as well 🙂 Keep up the great work!!

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