Well.. it’s week one of 2013 – Outline of my game plan!!

Walk, yes, I’m back to walking… ugh!! I could kick myself for real but no time for that!! Can’t wait till it gets warmer and I can really pound the pavement but, until then I’m stuck walking on the treadmill, look on the bright side, at least I’m burning calories.

The first couple days I walked were hard – the treadmill was set uphill and while this gives you a great work out – it kills my endurance! I want to be able to build up to the crazy uphill battle so I had my hubby fix it so it’s level. YAY!! So the last 3 walks have been great!! I’ve burned through 40 mins like it was nothing. I can feel myself gearing up for running. I’m really leery of running on the treadmill in the house. We live in an old house and I’m really worried how much everything will shake. I kind of feel like that elephant effect in a china shop or something. I’m sure it won’t be really that bad – I will have to try it next week and let you know.   I do know that I am enjoying the display reading burned calories over 200, YAY!!

I’ve decided on next week, walking/running every other day, I’ve picked up this treadmill interval workout off of our Pinterest board “workouts we will try” – I plan to work on this & get back to running.  I have also picked up a 4 minute, “world’s fastest workout” also from our Pinterest board. I plan to do this on the off days I’m not using the treadmill. My plan is to work this 4 minutes up till I can do it 2 or 3 times through by adding extra thing each day.

While I’m really into and like BR – I think I want to work up to this again slowly, I’m sure I can handle body rock but I don’t want to be so sore I can’t move. Just like last year with the kids and normal activities I don’t want to be that sore.  However I won’t have to work at it as slowly as last year so I’m excited for all that this year has in store for me & my family.

Okay so where does the diet portion stand because really diet is important in all of this… truthfully we are still finishing up Christmas Cookies and candy, I am not going to lie about that… LOL! For real how can you say “No” to all those once a year home-made treats?? I can’t, although I’ve been trying to, especially to the chocolate, I’m allergic to it and it gives me Nasty migraines. I have also realized my food allergies have come back in the latter part of last year in full force, I’m all for blaming hormones but it’s been a real BUMMER!  I actually haven’t gotten too off this path as far as this goes with the exception of the ‘treats’.  I still make good decisions when eating out, salad instead of burgers & water instead of soda (sometimes) & at home carrots instead of candy, pretzels instead of chips, etc..

Okay!! Now back to Diet… the plan is: Increase positive calorie intake because most times I do not eat enough calories to boost my metabolism. Therefore I’m storing instead of burning and that is not the plan! Drink more water… DRINK MORE WATER!! I cannot emphasize that enough to myself, soda is starting to creep back into my life and I need to axe that for sure!! Taking a vitamin C pill and woman’s everyday vitamin & eating local honey everyday, which helps with the allergies & sickness brought home from school now that I have two in school.  Eating what I want but using the correct portions.

I wanted to add this to my ‘Plans’ this year: mental, spiritual & emotional parts of my life. I really feel like if we aren’t grounded or centered all the rest doesn’t really matter. We can look great, we can be fit but if we can’t love things about our persona on a mental or emotional level then all the exercise in the world won’t matter.  Our views may differ as to who or what is our center but just keep in mind this is my plan.

I’ve started reading two books.  This seems like an odd place to start but with reading comes mental work and it really helps me be a better writer.  My 1st book is True Believer by Nicholas Sparks I’m about five chapters in & so far it’s holding my interest. I have decided to try to write note on my Facbook this year on things that compel me. Which I will be adding to it today after the death of my husband’s Aunt & a Facebook post, I feel compelled to write about photography. Writing to me is great mental work… it’s not math but it’s work 😉

The other book while being mental it also works on the spritiual aspect of my life, I have said before my morning run is often listening to Christian music and it is my time to walk & talk with God before my day. My kids will also be reading a younger child version of this book with me (working at being a better Mom already), it’s called The Story forwarded by Max Lucado,  & Randy Frazee & illustrated by Fausto Bianchi.  It is “the Bible told as one continuing story of God and His people”. I know that not everyone’s spiritual guide is the Bible or  God but I am just sharing my life and where I ground & center myself spiritually.

The emotional part of my life seems to stay grounded in my creativity. I will not go 3 weeks without a corner punch this year… that so simple thing really almost broke me emotionally last year. I have decided since painting my own Christmas ornaments last year,  I really do miss creativity that comes with drawing and painting.  I want to work on that some of the left overs this week  & trying to get back to scrapbooking.

‘I CAN DO THIS!!’  will continue to be my mantra.  Remembering there is no easy fix, it’s a lifestyle change forever!

See I’m multitasking already… LOL!!
P.S. GM check out the pictures hanging on the wall, I think you will recognize one of them… xoxo



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