So my last post I was pretty down on myself – I feel like I had failed which in some ways I had really fell off the band wagon.  However, after working on a couple of photo projects for Christmas I came across some pictures of myself that really changed my perspective as to how my life is better and how I made the decisions to change it.

100_7787The 1st picture I came across is me sitting on the dock at our family pond and I’m beyond pregnant with Daniel (summer 2010). It’s a terrible camera angle anyway but I look at my arms and legs and think to myself, despite the growing belly I’m just not that big anymore. I will put this in my kids scrapbook but for nothing more than a reminder to myself. I’m smaller than that & knowing I can and have the means to change my body for the better makes me excited to jump back on the band wagon!!

CSC_9633The 2nd picture I came across was one from this past summer, it’s probably one of my most favorite candid pictures of myself. Look at me!! It is a picture of doing what I love, playing with my kids.  I remember how Sammy, my 6-year-old, would get worn out before I did. I loved the energy and boost that just trying and working towards being healthy gave me.

It’s a new year & with that comes reflection,  I recently posted to my Facebook wall a list of things I accomplished in 2012:
“…1. I lost 50 pounds and have kept it off
2. I read 4 books & started writing for a fitness blog
3. I had a beautiful garden despite drought & I canned my heart out
4. I learned to grow flowers outside & my gardens despite drought were beautiful
5. I entered the… Fulton Co. Fair & placed 11 out of 13 entries
6. I learned to make brown gravy & homemade pizza from scratch
7. I made homemade cards for every occasion, to give a part of me to everyone on their special day.
8. I saw my extended family on my Birth Father’s side this summer & had a BLAST in SD.
9. I learned to crochet but I still have A LOT to learn 🙂
10. I made home-made Christmas ornaments from scratch & painted them & gave them away as presents. Something I’ve wanted to do forever!
11. I got to bottom of Jimmy’s problems & he’s now in Pre-school!!
12. I worked on the house – painting & redecorating
13. I worked hard at being a good friend/daughter/mom/wife/sister/aunt, etc.
14. I worked really hard at being ‘Kamay’ – flowers/hat/jewelry/make-up 🙂
15. I kept my sanity…. mostly!”

I was surprised that even after posting I realized there really were more things for example I scrapbooked 3.5 years worth of pictures, which is some feat with 3 kids and all of the business of life.  However, all of these things I couldn’t have done without the Grace of God & the help of friends & family and drive I received from just feeling great!! I can’t lie I have totally slacked off after our family vacation in July. I’ve exercised and tried to maintain but I’d go weeks sometimes and not do anything, despite knowing I needed to, and feeling like I had a bad case of the ‘Blahs’.  Just think of all the things I could accomplish in a year if I didn’t slack off for half of it,  I may have doubled my list!!

With the new year also comes thoughts to the future like what foods I might decide to try and master.  What new things I want to grow in my flower beds or my garden or what I might try to can/freeze this year that I haven’t before…. what I might try to enter in the fair this year or simply what I might learn to do this year.. I’m hoping it’s learning to ride a motorcycle but I’m vowing to wear a helmet this time, last time was not pretty & I gave myself a terrible bloody nose (mistakes you make & the things you learn 😉

In the last year I have learned so much about my body, the foods that help and hinder, the movements that it can and can’t do, the things that really burn but help, that cold weather is HARD on me and keeping lights on are good for me, the physical, mental and the emotional. It’s been a journey of self discovery & I’m excited for all the possibilities that can come this year from what I learned last year.

With my eyes on the future, resolution or not I plan to work hard, same as I did last year & see what endless possibilities & accomplishments I will have next year!!

It starts RIGHT HERE:
p.s. if you can think of foods I might want to learn to master leave me a comment… I need some ideas 🙂


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  1. MJ says:

    I like the drawing also. It reads “…get off your ass”
    Nice article.

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