GMSSo,as it’s a new year and we’ve all certainly got some new goals, I wanted to share this video with our readers and maybe have a discussion. The prevailing idea in the below video goes directly against our entire website… And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. There are certainly some things I don’t share with everyone, things that aren’t fitness related.

What do you think about sharing or not sharing your goals?

I think on one hand, sharing forces a person to be accountable: now that I’ve said it, I have to go and do it. At least, this has always been my modus operandi. I function better when my (very supportive) friends and loved ones know what I am planning, and they are always ready to call me on it when I veer off the path. That is kind of why we started this website, to hold each other accountable over long distances (and an ocean, in my case!!).

On the other hand, when you keep it to yourself, you don’t get the bragging rights that come along with talking about what you’re doing or planning. And not bragging about it forces you to get it done, so you CAN say you did it, cross it off your list, be proud of yourself, and move on.

So which side do you subscribe to? Do you keep some goals to yourself?

I keep the ones that are far, far off and need more work and planning to myself, for the most part. The ones that I still need to iron out, that are more ‘ideas’ than set goals. But the things I’m working on, I talk about them. Partly to hold myself accountable, but also in part to maybe inspire others to do the things THEY’D like to do. I’ve always tried to be a positive influence on those around me.

I’d love to read your thoughts!


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  1. MJ says:

    Some goals I’ll keep to myself. Some other 2013 goals I will share are:
    Earning the rank of Shodan (blackbelt). Learning all of the names of the ryuha techniques that I should know by now as a student of martial arts. Read five books (it should be more). Take some classes on fun things. Take a class in Chinese medicine. Receive six Acupressure shiatsu treatments. Continue my daily workout which includes swordsmanship. Play more and be more social by attending weekly happy hours and events.

  2. countrykay says:

    I too have some that I keep to myself or only tell my husband. Usually my food resolution I tell my husband so that he can remind me to work on them. For example this past year I wanted to learn to make gravy & I wanted to master homemade pizza. Each year I pick 1 or 2 foods that I want to learn how to master to my family’s liking. My only down fall this year was spoiling my kids, they now will not eat frozen pizza, homemade or nothing.
    I do at the end of year reflect on all the things I have accomplished and push to make new goals and yes I do talk about them on tell them but it’s only to help me to remember or to use it as accountability. Like scrapbooking is a long term goal/resoulution but it’s not one that I stress or dwell on. I plan to share some of my goals/resolutions in my next post 🙂

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