Week three didn’t go as planned for me. I had something like a breakdown, but not an emotional one. I had an ‘oh my god, I am SO fed up with this’ breakdown. Not about work, or the apartment, or the weather. It was about Bodyrock.

I have nothing against Bodyrock, in fact, I chose Bodyrock for November and December because I KNOW IT WORKS. But I was having issues. Most of them were surrounding my knees, although they were just a small part of the issue I was having. Aside from my knees just flat-out killing me, I was having issues with the workouts I’d chosen on Bodyrock being very knee-intensive. On the final day when I lost it, it was almost ALL knee-related with a side of ‘your arms aren’t strong enough yet’. And that didn’t help.

My final issue was that I didn’t have the equipment they were using, and I didn’t have a lot of stuff lying around in my new place to make proper substitutions, and I also was not exactly in the right frame of mind to be problem-solving my way out of it all. So that was possibly the final straw for me.

I had taken my two days off and was doing day 1 of week 3 when I got to a 420 rep challenge that required outside equipment, lots of arms and legs, and I got pissed off. Instead of 420 reps, I did 25 minutes of whatever I could, although over half of the techniques were either WITH equipment or hurting my knees. So I did what might be considered by some to be a cop-out, and then took a day off to think about what the hell I was going to do. Because Bodyrock was clearly not going to be it.

On top of all of this, I’m heading off the grid for the holidays to visit some friends. I wasn’t going to have Bodyrock available to me, due to a slightly less-than-reliable internet connection. So I had already been planning to drop BR next week in order to do something I’ve been looking forward to: running. And with the running, the Hundred Pushups challenge. Again.

Yes, I’m doing MORE workouts that I’ve already done, again. Technically, I never made it to a 10k, although I did hit the 5k mark. So I decided that since we’re back to my favorite running season, this would be a great way to get back to that. Also, as stated above, it had become clear to me that my arm strength isn’t up to par, so I decided it was time to get back to that and REALLY finish it this time.

And that’s what I began yesterday. I did my first run of the 10k training in the evening, even though my left knee was bothering me. It didn’t give me any trouble while I ran, although my right knee started to act up in the last 5 minutes. I began with week 5, day 1, which is one of the final weeks with TWO walking breaks. I figured it would be enough for me to start with.

Initially, I had considered going back to BR’s first videos. And I tried to do that, but came to find that the old Zuzana videos from ’09 have been removed, and all you get are some stills of the routines. Which aren’t as helpful as videos. So although I AM looking forward to doing a Zuzana routine later, it wasn’t going to happen this week.

Honestly, I think I just needed to get outside. I’d been having other issues with the workouts, namely doing them indoors in December was still not cool enough for me. So I wasn’t enjoying them or feeling excited to do them beforehand, either. Getting outside is going to be the best way for me to be able to do a longer workout, so I’m excited to get back to running again. Now.

every dayMichelle and I talked about running sometime last year, and she had mentioned being interested in this ‘run 27 minutes every day’ workout that she put on our ‘try’ Pinterest board. I thought about this while contemplating exactly which workout I’d do, and I’m a bit torn between this and the c210k runs.

So I’m going to do my best TO run every day, but if I don’t, then it will be c210k.  I will do c210k runs every other day with the app I’ve got, but on the other days (like today) I will run for 27 minutes. Or be out for 27 minutes, until I CAN run for 27 minutes.

And with that, I will also do my best to track my weight, although I don’t currently have a scale. I think there may be one at the pool. If there is, I will do it there. If not, then all you’re going to get from me is my measurements. However, I seriously doubt I’ll lose 52 pounds in a year, as that would be amazingly bad and unhealthy.

And speaking of measurements, here they are from the past 3 weeks:

Week 1/Week 2/ Week 3 (in centimeters, not inches!!):
Bust: 88 / 89 / 86.5
Waist: 77 / 73 / 69.5
Hips: 108 / 107 / 107
Thigh: 65 / 65 / 65

So as it stands, my upper body is toning well, although the lower body  is going a bit slower! I’ll still do measurements on Fridays, or after two days of rest.

Have a nice day, and no matter what, keep going!


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