I just finished Week 2 of my ‘Get in shape before Christmas’ Bodyrock trial, even though today is Wednesday and it’s supposed to be my day off. Well, it wasn’t because I didn’t do my Saturday workout (due to being SUPER sick, or super something… not sure what).

GM is lazy and doesn't bother matching her socks to her garishly-colored shoes.

GM is lazy and doesn’t bother matching her socks to her garishly-colored shoes.

In the past few days, I did the October 26, November 1 and November 3 workouts. I did November 1 yesterday, and some pretty hysterical things happened. First, dinner was cooking while I did the workout, which meant that I had set everything up BEFORE getting into it. Second, I didn’t get all the way through previewing the video before doing the workout, so I was slightly unprepared AS it was happening, although I didn’t have a full video to watch this time and had to do it with my own timer, rather than the one in a full-length video like they have been doing.

Part two was what got me… I made two fatal mistakes: 1, I tried to get past the clothing drying rack to the balcony to get some things in a 10-second rest period and ended up knocking over a rack full of clean and mostly dry clothes, thus missing the beginning of a workout set.

juice boxes make great weights... when they are closed!!!

juice boxes make great weights… when they are closed!!!

Second, the things I grabbed were two containers of juice, which I thought would make great makeshift weights since I am without weights right now… and that would have been correct, had one of them not been slightly open. This caused grape juice to spill all over me and the floor when I tried to do the first lift in that exercise, thus getting a loud ‘F**********CK!’ out of me, followed by my roommate coming in, asking what was wrong, and trying to clean up the mess as I (like a dick) moved right on to doing the next routine. I have a lovely roommate, and it was awesome to get some help. I should have also cleaned it up. But I couldn’t remember how to press pause on my timer? I’m an idiot!!

So that was yesterday. I was amazingly sore, since I’d been working out for a few days and also went swimming for 30 minutes! Today was a bit easier. I just taught for the entire day and then came home, relaxed a bit and then did the final week 2 workout. Honestly, I felt kind of out of it during today’s workout, and didn’t do as well as yesterday… but I know it’s just from having a long work day, which is why Weds and Thurs are best left as ‘off days’. Today I strongly considered NOT doing a workout because I was worn out and already tired, but thankfully, I got a motivational push right when I needed it, and went to do the workout. If it hadn’t been for the right person saying ‘go do the workout, it’s only 12 minutes’, I wouldn’t have done it. So I’m thankful for supportive people today, more than anything else.

I’ll pick up with week 3 and new measurements on Friday, and I’m excited to do that.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m already feeling stronger and more in shape. I can get through the routines without considering quitting, and am able to do at least a few of each exercise by now, rather than collapsing after 3 or 4 like in week 1.

I’d also like to state, for the record, that I’m able to do better push ups in week 2 than I was at the beginning. I feel stronger doing them, and can knock out about 8 or 9 good ones before dropping to my knees for a break. Better than the 3 sorry ones from week 1, yeah!


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