Hi lovely readers,

I hope you had an excellent weekend just like I did! Granted, I didn’t do TOO much, or much of anything really, but it was still excellent! Why? Because aside from being plain sick on Saturday, I felt great!

Friday began ‘Week 2’ of the second Body Rock trial for me, and then I went to my office’s holiday party that evening. No idea why, but the following morning, I felt AWFUL… so I didn’t get to do a workout, I just laid in bed and popped WAY too many Ibuprofens, and finally gave up, took a Thomapyrin instead, and then somehow managed to fall asleep. Sunday was better, although the headache was still persisting. I did my workout in the evening, and had wanted to do two to make up for the lack of one on Saturday, but one was really enough for me!

I’ve taken my measurements each week, and will post them after I take them on Friday again. But for now, know that I am already seeing progress. It is little (even smaller when we see it’s CM and not inches!!), but what’s even better is the fact that I can really, really FEEL the progress. I feel stronger already, across the board, whereas at the beginning I was really feeling weak and out of shape. I noticed yesterday while I was doing a serious legs workout: I could literally LIFT my knees higher than I’d been able to the previous week, and I could do MORE, harder than I was able to do last week. Awesome!

So the workouts I did were the Pound the Alarm workout, and the Beauty and a Booty workout (I know, the names kill me a little on the inside, too). It was the Beauty and a Booty workout that should have killed me, and while I wasn’t able to do all of the jumping for the squats they wanted, I did do all of the high knees, which was impressive to me.

For all of the exercises that needed a sandbag, I used my heavy book, which is also suddenly not heavy enough. I am definitely going to invest in a sandbag as soon as I have an extra hundred laying around!!! I miss that thing, totally. But next time, I’ll buy the pink one, since it will be my choice 🙂

As a side note, I feel the need to say that although I really like Bodyrock and the workouts (and the results, let’s not lie), I am really actually very excited to get past this 30 days and onto doing some of Zuzana’s workouts after the fact. Why? Well, a few reasons, but the major two are that she’s who I learned about Bodyrock THROUGH, and I like her personality a lot. That’s one reason. The other is the filming style. I’ve watched a few Zuzana videos, and I have to say that I really appreciate that there aren’t a lot of close-ups of her ass or chest, or anything. I can always see ALL OF HER, and there is no confusion about how to do the moves in the video.

One of the things that bothers me about Bodyrock (aside from not knowing what Lisa Marie is doing to herself, which is her prerogative, but confusing when I see her!!) is the filming and advertising/images. On one hand, it’s good to show the type of body we’re all working towards, on the other, BR is really toeing the line (ALL THE TIME) between selling sex and selling fitness. Clearly, they’re not literally SELLING sex, but it’s kind of annoying when I’m trying to see how a move is done and the camera is on someone’s ass. It’s obnoxious. I appreciate a great ass as much as any guy, but not when I’m trying to see how to do the technique!!

But as I said, I can’t argue with the results I see. Or how effing positive they all are, which is excellent (although Yoga chick bothers me. I NEVER do yoga with my hair down!!!).


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