I woke up today on the ‘wrong side of the bed’, which is a funny thing to say when there’s only one side you can get out of bed on… regardless, it was kind of a rough start, and then I made the mistake of trying to go into town and do things.

Now, normally that wouldn’t be too much of an issue, except for the fact that I’m here in Germany where the shops are closed on Sunday. This means that every Saturday, all of the people who didn’t get to go shopping before 8pm (when the shops close here) during the week are out doing it. Most Germans seem to enjoy or look forward to buying food on Saturday, though, so I’m not sure if anything would be too different if the shops were open later during the week. Add to this the Christmas Market officially being open in EVERY GD CITY, and it’s a recipe for disaster to a borderline misanthrope.

I’m not really a misanthrope, but something I hate more than most is large groups of stupid/not thinking people. This means that full grocery stores, shopping malls and festival concerts (where most people are only concerned with why they’re there and not with those surround them) generally put me in a foul mood. I spent a few years working in malls, and now you couldn’t PAY me to walk into a mall on a Saturday. True story.

So it wasn’t looking good for me after my half-failed venture into the city: I had to fight crowds, get bumped into (the Germans don’t really consider that rude, fyi, which means it happens more and no apologies when it does), and then find out that both the post office AND the library were closed by the time I got to them! I got home and all I wanted to do was crawl back into bed. Which I did, for a bit.

Then I got into doing the workout from BR for the day, Sexy Steamy Fitness.

Sexy? Probably not. Steamy? You bet. I had to turn off the heater and open the door to do this one. And as I’m actually feeling really, stupidly sore from yesterday’s workout, I was kind of a slow wreck today. At the end of the workout I felt tired, still sore, and kind of like I hadn’t pushed myself enough. I know a lot of that had to do with just being sore, but still. I know that as I move on, these will get easier, but today felt almost intimidating.

Some problem solving had to happen. I don’t have this Ugi ball they keep using in the videos, so instead I used a small ottoman that is in the apartment: for the push ups exercise. For all lifting, I was back to my book. Eventually this will have to change, but for now, I’m ok with these substitutions.

It’s going to be really interesting after I’ve moved back to the states and am living with friends! Maybe then you’ll get photos from other people and new problems solved:)

At the end of it all today, I’m just proud of myself for doing it two days in a row. Tomorrow I’ll have to do it in the morning, since I’m going out in the afternoon and won’t be back until late. I’m contemplating saving my shower until AFTER I wake up and work out tomorrow… it seems like a pain to wash my hair twice!

yummy lentils!After the workout, I made myself a lovely, healthy dinner of lentils and rice. Lentils, until last week, used to be really intimidating for me, as I was raised on beans that are always soft and chewy… lentils, not all the time. They are a pulse, which is kind of like a bean, and I’m learning how to use them now that I live with vegetarians. If I need meat, I toss in some shrimp!

I wanted to share this photo and talk about what I’m eating, since I know that’s a big part of getting back in shape and generally being healthy. I would eat candy and chocolate all day, every day, if I could, but they just don’t make me FEEL as good as eating these things does!

In case you’re not aware, we’ve got a few boards on Pinterest that are full of recipes! I’ve got one that I keep specifically for Gluten- and Dairy-free recipes that I’ve tried and loved. So from now on, when I write about a recipe in a post, you can be sure to find it on that board! As most of you know by now, if I don’t have anything nice to say, I just try not to say it. That goes for recipes that don’t work so well, too! If it doesn’t work, you won’t read about it! I don’t like to waste anyone’s time, and certainly not my own breath (or typing time:).

So the recipe I made tonight was ‘Delicious Pakistani Dhal’. Don’t let the name intimidate you, it’s super easy to make. It tastes amazing and is really, really filling!

We’re trying to keep connected with our readers, which is why we’ve been using the Pinterest boards, Twitter and Facebook. If you think there’s something else we could be doing, please let us know:) We are happy to share it all!


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