It was bound to happen: an irregular (and very minimal) workout schedule, Thanksgiving, emotional stress, new apartment, limited time, surgery recovery. Who was I kidding, to think that my newer and slightly more sedentary life (as of right now and the past 4 months) WOULDN’T result in tighter-fitting clothes?

I could be mad at myself and feel bad, but this is life, it happens, and now I have to just fix the problem… no need to cry over gained weight!

I’ve been facing a dilemma these past few weeks: should I continue to walk around in slightly-snug clothes, feeling majorly self-conscious or overweight, or should I DO something about it?

Clearly, the answer is to DO something about it. And I will. I’m mentally preparing for all of that. But while I’m in the process of getting my banging body back, I need to at least feel good about myself.

In the past, I was of the belief that I should WAIT until I’d reached my ‘goal weight’ to buy myself some new clothes, as a reward. And that is really a fine idea, but it’s also a form of punishment, I think. Because even while you’re working out and getting back in shape, you’re still feeling bad about how you look in your clothes, which is ‘overweight’, regardless of the size on the tag.

Well, today I bought myself a ‘band-aid’, as I like to call it. In the past two weeks, I’ve purchased three of these band-aids, two of which were just necessary items to replace things that had gotten worn out.

My ‘band-aid’ today was a black pencil skirt, a serious staple of my wardrobe. I currently have three skirts at the apartment, and only one of them fits, which means the other two are too tight, or too not-enough-of-anything for my liking. And I need something decent to wear to the university, since I can’t wear jeans to teach the college kids. All I have at the moment is ONE pair of black trouser pants, which have become slightly snug… the grey herringbone pair is officially ‘too tight’, so all of my outfits that work with them are now ‘out’.

So a black skirt was in order, and I wasn’t about to wait around for my ass to get smaller before buying one. I needed one, PRONTO. And I went and got it today, on my way back from class.

Now, on one hand, buying this skirt falls under the ‘waste of money’ category, since it’ll most likely be too large for me a month from now. I fully understand and agree with that. Also, I could have just gone into one of my boxes sitting at my old apartment and found my larger black skirt, but I can’t even get to that until Sunday, and the skirt in the boxes is a) not guaranteed to fit and b) not easily found! So I will hold off on wearing the skirt until Monday, in case I find the skirt and it fits over the weekend. But better safe than sorry, right?

On the other hand, this thing was pretty important to have now, to make myself feel at least a little confident when walking down the street and standing in front of my students. I didn’t spend a lot on it (only about 30-Euros), and it will most certainly be something I wear at least twice a week. So it was worth the investment, no matter how long I have it.

I thought it might be good to share one important ‘rule’ I follow when dealing with unexpected weight gain:

WEAR DRESSES AND SKIRTS. For me personally, dresses and skirts hide any excess weight I might be carrying easiest (as long as they are not too form fitting!!), and look good anytime of year! If I find that my thighs are suddenly rubbing together, I hide it with a dress or skirt. Carrying more weight in my midsection? A dress or skirt will hide that much better than a pair of pants will!

Granted, we are our own worst critics, and those few extra pounds might not be as noticeable to everyone else as they are to our own expert eyes. And maybe that extra weight looks great on you! Maybe your significant other LOVES it, or the way you look, regardless.

Whatever the case, what’s important is that you feel good about yourself. Nothing kills motivation faster than getting down on yourself, so if $30 is all it takes to make it through the hard months of working out nonstop ahead, then I say it’s money well-spent, as long as you don’t have to make a bill payment late to do it:)


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  1. Samira Broekhuijsen says:

    Love the blue dress!!!

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