As most of you know I’m a Mom with 3 little ones and vacation is a much harder than life to me that most would think.  Most people think that vacation is sunshine and cute little umbrella drinks but when you are a Mom your vacation comes weeks after you get home from the chaos of vacation.  Mostly because you are the one that is in charge of packing and having everything readily available for vacation.  Which this year was even harder as we were taking a trip far from home and meeting up with lots of family (30 people) and I was meal planning 2 meals  for everyone for each day of the trip.  During the beginning part of planning I really kicked it into high gear doing the 30 day Body Rock as well as running 3-4 day a week.  We left for vacation and I made every intention of exercising while we were there as I did 3 out of the 5 days we were there I awoke early and ran a mile and half before showering and meeting up with everyone else. It was after we returned from vacation that I started slowing down, really finding my vacation time.  I really was happy with where I was physically and I just wanted to maintain that weight & not push myself as hard as I had been.

This is not as easy as I had hoped & I feel as though I have FAILED miserably!! Here it’s November and I’m past 1 family holiday and I’m looking at the scale with this feeling like I should kick myself in the ass for real!!

My plan was to continue running every other day & do a slight muscle-building exercise every other day.  So far that happened for the 1st couple weeks or month. However now, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve fallen completely off he band wagon and it’s run me over a few times.  I’m still active with my children and my life but I can feel myself gaining ‘flubber’ where once was not so flubberish.  I can also feel myself fighting the typical fall/winter allergies and the cold weather.  Something I am not fond of in the least.  I sometimes wonder if I’d have the same issues if I lived in and all year around warm climate but, I figure I probably would.
I have terribly good intentions I acquired a treadmill and had been walking on it couple times a week but was having some troubles with the belt and had to have a friend come look at it. In the meanwhile I’ve tore into the house and have been painting and redecorating.  My birth father came to visit and then Jimmy (my 3-year-old) went into the hospital for surgery.  While looking through the pictures of me with him from the hospital I’ve realized while not gaining much weight or inches my face looks FAT! I know we are our worst critics but hey!! if it’s enough to motivate me than I will let it push me towards working out again.

So how do I maintain?? How do I find a happy medium between pushing myself so hard I hurt and making to easy enough the get through the day despite the other allergies and anxieties I face this time of year…
Well… I’ve read through several sites that all preach the same things, 60 mins of exercise a day and just simple walking and taking the stairs and watching your calorie intake.  For me soda is a big thing… Really I don’t have to have it but I like it & it really just is bad for you all the way around, it really does just pack on the pounds for me. My calorie intake thing is I don’t eat enough calories in a days time and my body stores instead of burns them. Earlier in the year I was eating 1400 calories a day and eating every 3-4 hours. That honest to god is hard for me, I feel like I’m eating ALL the time without a real break. However, it’s really good for your metabolism. If I continue to eat the proper calories and walk on my treadmill 60 minutes a day I should be able to maintain through the winter. Till I can really work on the tough stuff through the summer when I don’t feel like I’m fighting all odds with my own body & mind.

If you have anymore questions about maintaining with regard to your own life and activities please go to The University of Chicago Medicine & a USA today study about weight maintenance.

Remember learning maintence is SO much harder than any of us know – TRUST ME!! & learning to balance exercise and diet when you want to slow down or vacation… take a break from the crazy chaos we call life, takes time and I’m new at this as are some of you.  We will take it one day at a time because for me it’s about changing my life for the better for forever and not just changing my body for now.


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  1. germanymarie says:

    It seems we are having similar issues!! Hang in there, you can do it! Baby steps, we will get back into it!!! ❤

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