Hi lovely readers! Long time no talk!

sleepy post-op GM, taken by a friend

I know, I’ve been totally MIA for the past 3 weeks. As you might have noticed (and as I wrote in my last post about 2 weeks ago), I got NONE of the things I wanted to do done. Of course not. Not a lot of reading, only watched a few movies, had the minimum amount of contact with the outside world, and went back to work last week. Actually, I went back to work with a vengeance and am working some major overtime. Which will be awesome for my paycheck, even if it sucks a little at the moment.

I had wanted to try to get back into working out at the beginning of last week, but wasn’t able to, due to still feeling a bit sick (apparently the anaesthesia lays in your system for up to a MONTH??) and still feeling a little tenderness around the stitches. Then, last week, the stitches started to fall out, which was scary (I thought ‘dissolving stitches’ meant they’d dissolve in the shower or something over time) at first, but cool eventually. And then the other day when I had my check up, they took the rest of them out/off with a pair of tweezers, which was equal parts cool and creepy. And now there is no more tenderness, and I’m in serious need of a damn bikini wax. Which will be happening today. I hope.

Thanks to the amazing amount of work I’ve had the past few weeks, coupled with the amazing amount of bus-riding I’ve been doing (René is back so I don’t have the car anymore), I haven’t had a lot of time to really consider WHAT kind of routine I’d be getting myself into now that I’m back and able to be active.

My initial thought had been to jump right back into Bodyrocking, since I like the workouts and they are usually only about 12 minutes long… great for someone with not so much time in the schedule. But then I realized that I’ve been out of commission for about a month! NO BUENO!!! Not to mention, I’ve already written about Bodyrock and WE KNOW IT WORKS.

That’s not to say that I won’t get BACK to Bodyrocking soon, because I will. But I’m at a very ‘weak’ point as far as my personal strength and fitness levels are concerned, so I think I need to work back UP to feeling BR-ready. Because of this, and with this in mind, I went over to FitFreedom’s Pinterest Board, ‘Workouts We Will Try!’ and chose two similar workouts to get started with:

< This one (the Do this 3 times workout is what I’m going to call it) seems like a nice, lighter way to start. I know it’s going to be hard for me to get through at first, but that’s the point… I need to build BACK up to where I was in order to get back into the shape I WAS in!

My plan is to do this workout in conjunction with the couch210k program. I’ll move myself back about a week or two in the program in order to have a bit of a warm-up, and then I’ll dive back into making real progress in a few weeks.

I’ve got a bit of an issue right now, and that’s that the weather is still rather warm. Compound this with the days getting shorter (BOOOOOO! Sunset at 9pm? DAMMIT!), and it means that my workouts are going to be happening around 7pm in the evenings, or really early in the mornings. But because of the witch living downstairs’ constant issues with us, 7pm evenings is looking like the winner.

< This workout (from here known as the Fitness at Home 3-5x workout) is pretty similar, but has a few extra parts added in. Mainly, it’s got high knees and burpees. If we look at these two together, this one has 60 jumping jacks per round to the other’s 80, 15 push ups to the other’s 10, 20 crunches to 20 situps (but I never do situps, only crunches), 14 squats to 25 squats, and they both have a one-minute wall sit. So as I said, pretty similar, but this has the added high knees and burpees. So at the end of the day, I’m starting light, going heavier over time, and working up to get back to Bodyrock… or am I ready for Insanity?

hmmm.. I think I’ll leave that to Steph.

I’m also concerned about my upper body strength… so if the amount of push ups here starts to feel like it’s not enough, I’m going to add in MORE. Because I was starting to get weak even while I was bodyrocking.

So, there you have it. That’s my plan. No Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. The plan is to do it when I can, and get back to running, and get back to my body.

Interestingly enough, my weight hasn’t changed over the past month. But I guarantee (and I’ll take a photo later to prove it) that I lost muscle mass. I am SOFT right now and it kills me! I’ve gained a few inches everywhere, too, so thank goodness it’s summer! I’m hiding it with dresses until my pants aren’t tight anymore 🙂 Thank goodness I’m a woman!


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  1. MJ says:

    Missed you on the webs. 🙂

  2. s_cin says:

    Be careful of the situps/crunches since they’re associated with back pain. If you can, I’d try a BR ab move or 1 from P90X Ab Ripper. I totally think you can do Insanity, even though I’m not finished yet. There’s nothing saying you can’t try it, even if you have to take a few breaks, I DO! 🙂

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