I feel like I’ve been running around in circles trying to play catch up with everything in my life… Vacation pre & post, physical set backs in body & home not to mention the Fulton County Fair and all that requires every year…. {BIG HEAVY SIGH}

– Pre-Vacation – I finished up Body Rock which I will say is Awesome!! I often get asked about different routines and things you can buy like Insanity or P90X.  I don’t really know much about the others and refer them here but I do tell them to try Body Rock first. It’s a pretty intense work-out and if you can keep up with it, I’ve heard you can for the most part keep up with the others. Sometimes not being able to keep up is discouraging & people tend to lose interest. That’s the one thing I like about Body Rock you can modify it to your needs &/or abilities.
So here’s the Final Before and After Picture:

There’s not  HUGE difference to speak of but you can definitely tell there’s toning done, which was the plan. I really enjoyed the variety in routines. On a personal level I was very excited to see my legs slim, my arms slim and my stomach get more and more tone.

– Vacation – Was AMAZING!! We had SO much fun!! I got to meet/see so much of my family, it was SO hard to leave.  The day we got to the campground where we were staying I  measured out the road that went around the campground and it was about quarter of a mile around.  So the 1st 3 days we were there I jogged 3x around figuring I’d spend the rest of the afternoon doing physical things like walking or swimming and taking care of my kids, which is indeed exercise in itself.   The last few days of vacation I didn’t run but I was beyond exhausted it seemed that we were VERY busy and ran from one place to another. I was staying up late to make sure I got to spend all the time I could with my family and getting up early. I know my limits & I was getting there fast. Thankfully, driving through the mountains makes me Very sick so I was able to catch a few naps while we drove around to each place.  The drive was 16 hours there and 16 hours back, it was LONG time to be sitting in the car and I was glad to get home.  I was really worried that bend in the car that long & with ALL the great food we ate on vacation I’d have at least gained 5 pounds.  I was SO excited when we got home and I stood on the scale the next morning, I hadn’t gained a pound not a one! Much to my surprise I hadn’t gained any inches either. SUCCESS!! YAY!!

Mt. Rushmore with 3 of my 6 sisters, BIG GROUP Photo, My Birth-Father & I

– Post – Vacation – After returning from vacation we had some issues with our house and had to move to my parents for a week… NOT fun. Thankfully, they were out-of-town so it wasn’t too crowded or anything. Not-to-mention I got another really bad spider bite in a place that made it really hard to exercise.  I was so out of routine from vacation and then not being home & the bite I was unable to really exercise. I did try using my Mom’s exercise machine several times but found that I just couldn’t get in the groove of it & truly it was causing me pain due to the bite. I tried to stay busy and I was running a lot and working at home in the heat. I have to say 100+ degree weather is hard to deal with and wears on your body terribly. I just lowered my calorie intake and tried to stay as active as I could despite not being able to exercise.  I still have not gained any weight.

– FINALLY HOME – The boys were so excited when we got home they all three curled up on the couch and went right to sleep, my boys are definitely home bodies. My bite has seemed to have healed enough that it’s not bothering me as much, without going to the ER this time. Upon returning home, I tore the heck out of the garden & have all but given up on my flower beds. We are in a terrible drought and I just can’t keep everything watered. Also, I had to get all my exhibits ready for the Fulton County Fair. This was the 1st year I decided to enter and I was excited to do so. It required doing a little extra work getting things rounded up but out of the 11 exhibits I entered, I placed in every category but 2, not too terribly bad for the 1st time I entered.  WORK, WORK, WORK… feel like I’ve just chased my tail for 3 weeks and still feel like I’ve maybe not got it all together… yet.  I will get there eventually.

It feels like it’s been a month since I last exercised but in reality it’s only been about 2 weeks. I haven’t gained any weight but I’m feeling like my stomach is turning into a bowl of jelly literally over night, LOL!  I know it’s all in my head but I can’t wait to have my house back in order and back to my regular routine of kids, gardening, house work & repeat. My goal is Monday to have some kind of regular routine.  I’m guessing running 3 days a week and I may try to pick up a routine off Pinterest to try that we’ve pinned for the other 3 days, I will keep you posted what that will be in my comments below.

Hope you’all have a great weekend, mine will be picking up my exhibits, collecting my prize money, eating fair food, soaking up the hot sun & watching the Demolition Derby… P.S. I Love being County 🙂


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  1. germanymarie says:

    I know exactly how you feel with not being able to work out!! We will both be back on the wagon soon enough!! 🙂 maybe you should exercise naked 😉 then the bite won’t hurt? hahahh!!! ❤ you!

  2. countrykay says:

    LOL! My husband would LOVE THAT!! Worked out today for 12 mins… hoping I can be awake earlier tommorow 🙂 I’m getting back to it! ❤ you!

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