Hey FF readers, I know I’ve been MIA recently, and I apologize, but I haven’t gone away. I wrote a post recently about starting the 60 day Insanity workout, and the possible complications I might have with my wrist, and doing to the workouts in general. I am almost done with week 2, and instead of doing a week by week update, I thought bi-weekly was good.

Unfortunately, the week I chose to start it probably wasn’t the best because I had so many things to already do including being out of town that weekend, but I didn’t want to hold off any longer, because I know some readers are curious about the program. I only did 2 of week 1’s workouts, so instead of counting that, I decided to repeat that weekend at the very end of the 60 days, so I can say I did the whole thing. I also took a “before” photo, and will most likely post that after month 1. I don’t think I will see much hardcore results after only 2 or 3 weeks, but I’m keeping a close watch, so one might come sooner if I do see more results that expected.

As for my wrist, my orthopaedist said it;s likely that I have inflammation or tendonitis in my right wrist. He advised me to wear it only when I workout, play softball, or am at work which are times when I would be putting the most pressure on it. I was fine with that because I still want to workout. Unfortunately, he said that I should still not climb because if I try to go back too soon, I might do more damage if I’m not 100%. I understand where he’s coming from and as long as I can still workout, I’m fine. So that’s my diagnosis.

The first month of Insanity, you do the same workouts, but thankfully unlike P90X, you do the workouts in a different order each week. So in a way your body knows the workouts, but your muscles will get even more confused because it’s not exactly the same. All of it is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). You do the same warmup for the most part in each DVD for 3 rounds followed by a stretch before going into the official workout. I’m not going to lie, it’s a little hardcore for a warmup, but I was dripping sweat just from that!

A good 90% of the workouts are cardio based which I don’t mind because it’s high intensity. There are the occasional pushups and variations along with tricep moves, and for those, mountain climbers, and burpees, I have the brace on for while using my pull up bar frame on the floor for less tension on the wrist. I also have carpet in my condo, and I have floor mats that fit into each other like puzzle pieces. It does help a little , but because I have carpet, they move and come apart a bit. I end up having to stop every so often to put the mats back into the grooves, but I put my hand weights on the corners where they connect which helps a little. There is also a nutrition guide, which like P90X I am choosing not to follow exactly; more like using it as a guide to make sure what I already have is right for me. These nutrition guides are my main issue with both Insanity and P90X; they’re just too expensive to follow, for the whole 2 months. But some might feel different as this is only 1 person’s opinion.

The first DVD you do every 2 weeks is the fit test. You do 8 moves, and write down your score from each move, to track your progress. My results will be posted next week for comparison after performing it the 2nd time. I’m going to be honest, If it hadn’t been for me doing Bodyrock prior to this, I probably would’ve had a hard time during the Fit Test and some other workouts in month 1. Because I did, I was able to do more reps for burpees and mountain climbers and such without having to watch the move 1st. My form was also not compromised with these moves. The photo below is from the Cardio Abs DVD. I will say I’m not as impressed with this ab workout compared to P90X Ab Ripper, but there are different moves and it is also a short 16 minutes like P90X Ab Ripper.

Each DVD by itself is no more than 40 minutes, but adding the ab DVD brings some a little over 50 minutes; still the time goes by fast. You do about a 10-12 minute warmup and stretch. So pretty much, each “workout” is about 30-40 minutes or so, which I love! A lot of the moves are fairly simple to perform, but what makes it hard and gives you the workout is the constant pace. Granted, you take a break and drink water whenever you want, but I feel sometimes that makes me push harder knowing I only have a few seconds left. Each move you do for either 50 or 30 seconds, pending the DVD. As soon as I feel my form is getting sketchy, I stop for a few seconds since each move goes by relatively fast. Sometimes as I hear him say “10 seconds left,” I’ll stop and wait for the next move, just so I get a few more seconds break. So I guess in a way I’m incorporating the Bodyrock timing sequence in this, which I don’t think is a bad thing. Today (Sunday), I will be doing Thursday’s workout since I made Thursday my rest day due to softball after work. Consider Week 2 officially complete!

After month 1 is over, there is a week of Recovery. You perform the same DVD Monday-Saturday. From what I’ve heard from the infomericlas, it’s lighter than months 1 & 2 workouts, but it’s still gives you a workout, so I’m siked for that. Month 2, you start all of the “Max” DVDs which will up your burn & muscle building; so I guess I’ll need a funnel and tube to direct my sweat outside to the grass. After the 9 weeks is up, I will upload a final photo along with final Fit Test results. People who buy the Insanity workout have a chance to earn their “Insanity” tshirt that you will see in the DVDs; at least 1 person in each DVD wears theirs. I haven’t decided if I’m going to do that yet, but I probably should as a reminder how hard I worked.

Overall, I’d say I’m really liking the workouts so far, even though I can flood my living room with how much sweat I’m dripping. I’m really looking forward to the end to see my final results. If anyone feels they might want to try this, I would say go on youtube.com, search for the insanity fit test and pure cardio, and watch those first. If you feel like you can do these, go for it! I’ve read a lot of the success stories on the sight and have seen them via the infomercial, but I’d like to hear other peoples’ story with this.

Happy Sweating!


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  1. germanymarie says:

    wow, I didn’t realize how much like Bodyrock Insanity was!! That is great to know, since I really knew nothing about it!!! I’m so glad you’re liking it, and I like the idea of re-doing at the end of the training to get it all in. That’s a great idea.

    Can’t wait to read more!! ❤

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