Hello lovers,

As you might have read, I’m going in for a sterilization procedure. It’s happening on Tuesday. I’ve got the preliminary meeting tomorrow, where I will ask a TON of questions, mostly about my recovery. I am not afraid of the surgery: it’s an outpatient procedure and deals with a small amount of anesthetic. I’ve gone in for surgery enough times to not be scared.

What I AM concerned about is the recovery time and how I could spend it… My doctor told me that I shouldn’t do budo for about 2 weeks. That’s great news!! But it has been suggested that I’ll be on bed rest for the whole week.

The surgery is laparoscopic, which means they’ll go through my belly button, rather than cutting through muscle like they did when I lost an ovary back in 2003. This means I won’t be laid up for months while my abs heal back together.

Thank goodness, because seriously, that shit was ROUGH. The surgery was the same as having a C-section (except they removed the left half of my reproductive system), so any of you who have been through that know what I’m talking about: the day when you can sit up without having to use your arms to push you is a great day!!! In the meantime, you’re literally rolling out of bed, crawling to the toilet, and then climbing back into bed because your abs have been sliced. NO FUN. All you can do is take more painkillers and sleep it off.

So this time around, I’ll have none of that. But since this is a purely internal surgery that only includes a little electrical burn and then maybe some antibiotics, I have a lot of questions to ask tomorrow. Specifically, what AM I allowed to do, and what can’t I do?

Next week will be a hot one, so it’s important for me to know if I’m allowed to go to the pool. Also, will I be in good enough condition to drive myself to said pool? If I’m on antibiotics or strong painkillers, probably not. So which kinds of drugs will I be taking after the surgery?

I can’t do budo (i.e., possibly get kicked in the uterus) for two weeks, minimum. But am I allowed to run? Not like I will, given the weather forecast, but it’s good to ask just in case I feel the urge. Will I be allowed to jump rope (this is code for Bodyrock, which my doctor doesn’t know about, but will be about the same type of movements)? Do yoga? Take long walks on the beach? Do ab work on my floor?

And will I even feel like working out? I was just telling my friend that I’ve been really tired all week, which sucks, because I had planned to work out like crazy this week in order to feel OK about NOT working out next week, if that’s what has to happen. Instead, I’ve been feeling like crap and working out minimally in between work and some serious naps. So in my mind, instead of thinking ‘Oh, I’ve been so tired, my body must need the rest’, I’ve been thinking, ‘OH MY GOD I WON’T BE ABLE TO WORK OUT FOR A WHOLE WEEK AND I AM SO MAD AT MYSELF FOR BEING SO LAZY THIS WEEK!!1!’.

We all go through it. I’m going through it right now.

In the event that I can’t work out, I’m prepared with a TON of DVDs, books and art materials. I just posted about it on my other blog, if you want to read about that. More questions on that end, since it’s a questioning time of year for me.

Overall, I had planned to NOT write about Bodyrock so much this month, even though that’s what I’ve been doing fitness-wise, since you’d be reading about Insanity from Steph and Bodyrock from Kamay… you already know how I do it and feel about it, and I didn’t want to give you overkill unless I came up with some great modifications! Instead, I’ve got other posts planned, like parts 2 and 3 of the Don’t Panic: Going Gluten Free posts, and some other stuff on motivation and positive thinking. We need more of that. Always.

I’ve been Bodyrocking and doing the Couch to 10k runs, mostly. That’s what I’m up to, when I can manage to stay awake. I’ve noticed in the past two weeks that my arm strength has managed to deteriorate a bit. It’s lead me to think that maybe I should get back on the 100 Push-ups challenge (and maybe even finish it this time!). I imagine that’s a workout I could handle while possibly NOT being allowed to go running for a week. It’s a thought I’m entertaining.

So, that’s what I’ll be up to in the coming week, possibly two. Expect updates from the couch from me. Maybe some movie reviews, and book reviews, and ‘OH MY GOODNESS ALL I WANT TO DO IS GET OFF THE COUCH’ posts. Because I imagine they’re all coming. Soonish.

Does anyone else find it ironic that most women are prescribed bed rest when they’re pregnant and ready to deliver or in danger of complications, and here I am getting it for the exact opposite reason? Because I see a sick irony in that.

Happy Sunday!


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  1. Michelle S. says:

    I felt the same way after having Gavin. I felt like I needed to get back to working out immediately and felt totally guilty about being “lazy” even though I was actually in recovery after a trauma to my body. It’s sick, isn’t it?!?

    I will be thinking of you and reminding you to take it easy!! 🙂 xoxo

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